KFB Movie Review: When Love Happens Again was disappointing and shouldn't have been made...

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Verdict: Overall, disappointing! Not terrible, or unwatchable, as to be avoided, but "disappointing", as indicative of a sickening let-down for huge fans of 'When Love Happens', the first (HERE).

Fifteen minutes in, the excitement juice flowing, we paused for a moment and wrote down- "This movie is beautiful! The art form is sublime and powerful; it's indescribable"; saved it and continued watching, believing that by the time we were done, it would have earned way more in accolades than those first fifteen minutes managed to conjure in our spirits. But seventeen minutes in, and the stupid kicked-in, and downhill it went from there on. Never to recover.

The acting was quite good; well above average. But between Mo and friends, the fake-ness was palpable! Leaving us wondering if this was made for Nigerian audiences or Britons? On top of that, there was such an annoying level of forcefulness to the story telling, plus a terrible lack of realism; so much so, that no matter how much you rooted for this to be great, you can't help but feel utterly irritated.

The comedy was average at best; meaning there were good chunks, but most of it, and that is the vast majority, was more contrived than silky. Can't place an exact finger on it, but it just didn't have that ice cream effect; it felt rushed and convoluted, all at once. Phew!

Ultimately, in the light of the extreme beauty that was 'When Love Happens', 'When Love Happens Again' is a travesty that shouldn't have been made.

Grudgingly, recommended.

See trailer and get more details HERE:

Synopsis: Having established stability in a relationship that took many long hard years of waiting in silence, Tobe and MO are in a good place. She has ventured out into business for herself by starting her own company and has landed a major account with billionaire Demilade Adenuga. But will their relationship stand the test? (Written by FimHouse Cinemas)

Starring: Oreka Godis, Weruche Opia, Enyinna Nwigwe, Stanley Chibunna (Comedian Funnybone)
Review by Cinemamoviepointer.com


  1. Thank God I did not waste my time and previous money to see it in this buhari time...

  2. LOL @Kemisola, thanks a bunch for saving my precious time.

  3. God knows I cried cos wasted boo's money to watch this sh!t called a movie. The fakeness( especially Zainab nd Mr Adenuga ) and the fact that the story line is not plausible gave me headaches.


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