My kids don't complain about my Instagram photos, why should fans do?- Biodun Okeowo talks about love life, remarriage and lots more in exclusive Kemi Filani Blog interview

Sultry and sexy Yoruba actress, Biodun Okeowo known in the industry as Tolani Oshirin has been trending online for days over accusation of butts enlargement and posting of raunchy pictures on Instagram.
Well, KFB met with her and had this interesting interview where she talked about it all and also plans to remarry soon....Enjoy!

We heard that soon, you'd be launching a Spa, and this is coming barely one year after your Beauty Shop, what inspired that?
Well, I would say my clients inspired me to go into Spa as well. When they come and i do skin test for them they go home feeling happy, because it would work. I see some ladies with clogged pores, and after I tell them what to do, I also refer them to some trusted Spas I know. At a point, the ladies were insisting that I run a Spa also instead of always referring them.
So, I thought about it also and decided to give it a shot. But my dear, opening a Spa here in Nigeria is not a small something. It's very capital intensive and I have sunk millions of naira is this project. As we speak, I am still on it. It's almost a year now and we would soon be ready.
I'm a perfectionist and I try to do my things to suit my taste. Facials, body massage, fixing of lashes, nails, boobs and butts enlargement, flattening of the tummy and other wonderful services.

Now your combing beauty shop and SPA, what becomes of your acting career?
So many other people have been asking me same question. Well, it's hard to combine. In fact, I'm really missing my first love; acting. And can't wait to get back to it full time. Whatever one has to do, he or she has to be dedicated, so I am putting in all my energy into this projects now, once they stand fully, i'd resume acting and producing.
My beauty shop is a year and half, within this short period, I have gone far and I know what I have achieved also.
If I didn't leave acting for these businesses, I'm not sure, they would have come this far.
For now,I don't do other people's job, I just star in films of my close friends and colleagues. I really want to build my brand before doing movies again.
You lose money to make money, i'm losing in the acting side to make more in other aspects of my businesses.

Biodun and son 

The Biodun Okeowo we used to know makes movies every year, but two years, yet nothing, tired?
Yes, that's what I used to do, but since 2014, I haven't produced any movie. That's part of the sacrifice that i'm making to see that my other brands grow perfectly. Like I told you earlier, the few movies I have done are for my very close pals, like; Sotayo, Kunle, Mide and some others. I haven't gone out of my way to work for other people, I really don't have the time, believe me.

In essence, there is still hope?
Yes! Why not? I can even do two movies in a year, to make up for lost years.

Do you sometimes get jealous seeing your colleagues and close pals excelling in the movie world, while you are still trying to establish other business ventures?
No! Not at all. I don't see it that way. Let me explain to you how I see it. We are all in a race to win a prize, then along the way, I saw money and picked the money, while others passed me. As the journey continued, I saw something nice and also picked it up. At the end of the race my contemporary came first and was presented the prize but in my case, I completed the race too and have two gifts to show off.
You can see that i'm still at the winning end; it's not how far but how well. So, I have no reason to be envious.
After all, I have made a name in the entertainment industry and needs no introduction to the public. I really don't have anything to lose; no latecomer in success.

You're hardly spotted on the red-carpets, are you also anti-social?
(laughs) Well, you guys should give me one year and i'd be back. It's just my busy schedule that's all.
It even affected my social media platform. For a while, my Instagram was dormant. But now I update it almost every day.

Talking about Instagram, how do you cope with negative comments that's always flood your page?
I'm a very free and playful person but I think there's this mentally that Nigerians have about dressing. They believe you can't dress the way you like. But i'm an advocate of dress in whatever you are comfortable on. I don't look at anybody. If I feel like rocking my bikini, I do just that without minding whatever people are saying.
When next I'd travel to Miami, I am going to rock my bikini. I don't care at all.
As for the comments on Instagram, sometimes I just laugh and other times, I just respond to them.
While responding, I don't sound bitter or angry, I just reply them playfully and make my point known that they have to right to judge me.
Those that seek cheap attention, I give them in full dose whenever I am in the mood.
If my dressing and butts make people talk on my Instagram, I will keep on rocking more of such clothes and flaunting what I have got.

We are all humans; have any of the comments hit you so bad that you had to delete some pictures?
No! Not at all. I can only delete the pictures that I want to use to pass a message, but while posting it, I would also write 'deleting soon'.
Then the pictures my children don't like, I won't post. As far as they don't complain, I don't have any issues with any other person.
Then my mother also, they are the ones that can tell me what to do or what they don't like.
After them, my man follows. Maybe after i'm married, he becomes first but for now that's the order.
Funnily enough, my kids understand and often commend what I wear. So, I pity for some people that would tell me ' and you call yourself a mother, yet dress like this or that'.
What even makes them think, I want to give my children this their Nigerian upbringing and mentality?
I know we have cultures and I won't go out there exposing what's beyond the normal.
Adding to that, I am an actress and some of my pictures are set photos. You won't see me outside wearing such or see me walking on the street distracting people.
I don't want to say it's poverty mentality, but I don't just know. Go to more advanced countries and see the way and manner they carry themselves. Nobody dares harass anybody because of dressing.

How real are your butts?
They are very real, given to me by God. It is not a crime flaunting what you got! I have never done any butts enlargement or wear butt-pads, for what? I am so endowed naturally!

Talking about your man, we heard from a reliable source that you are already married but very discreet, how true is that?
(Hahahaha) Okay, I am not. But when I do, it's going to be very very discreet. But i'll keep you posted.

But you must have performed some rights in secret too, because looking into your eyes, we can see you are deeply in love...
Yes oo! I won't lie about that. I'm deeply in love. But I haven't tied the knots yet. But very soon, and it's going to be very private.

What are the lesson you learnt from your previous marriage that has shaped you?
Any marriage that has God and trust lasts long.
The major problems actresses face in marriage is that our spouses don't trust us. We are there in the world and so vulnerable to rumours. It's just the grace of God that we have been surviving.


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