KFB Churchy & Fly: Let us guide you on the Shoes you should (not) wear to Church (Volume 24)

Simple black shoes
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As soon as someone utters the phrase “Sunday best”, we all know exactly what they mean. It’s our best clothes, best accessories and best SHOES! Why would I look hawt on every other day and not look my best to God's presence on Sunday?"

However, the other day, a friend argued that it is totally wrong to wear high stilettos to Church.

She loves them, as a matter of fact, her shoe collection is filled with many of them but she does not wear them to church because according to her, the 'click-clack' sound of the heels, causes distraction during services, she prefers being modest to Church in even her appearance "The focus should not be on me, but on the Lord. I don't want to distract others"


Many of us tend to mix up our cocktail and other event SHOES with the Sunday SHOES.

All shoes can actually be worn to Church (depending on your attire, area where you live and church tradition/rules), however, let us guide you on what Shoes we think you should wear and not wear to Church.

1. Your shoes shouldn't be too flashy, sparkly or colored. Tone down and be dainty. The purpose is to visit the Church and pray not draw attention.  Keep it simple!

Simple black shoes

2. Sneakers are actually not appropriate shoes for Sunday services but if you feel comfortable in it (esp if you are wearing a short dress) and if you are not a church worker, then you are good to go!
Black Churchy Sneakers

3. For the love of Heels! Pick out your best pair of heels when going to church, just make sure the heel is lower than 3 inches.

High heels look very fascinating and sexy on women. However, in a place like the Church one must be careful in selecting the right high heels. 

 Make sure you can walk well in your heels, and comfortably stand during hymns or prayers. Falling off your heels or limping out with a blister isn’t the kind of Sunday experience you want to have.

We have the Kitten Heel which is the  safest among the high heels collection that is suitable for Church. Kitten heel can fit both moms and young adults. It has this edgy but subtle look and feel.
Kitten Heel
Kitten heel
Mom and daughter

Kitten Heel

Also, this type of high heels fits moms and let’s not forget, the grandmas as well! Most of them are only half to one inch high so there’s no worrying how to walk on them! You will look funky but calm! No worries about assisting your mom or grandma, this footwear is suitable for all ages. What a good way to feel on Sunday for worship and family!
Others e.g Ankle Straps, Peep toes,Sling back, Cut outs, Corsets, espadrilles, etc are also good for Church but keep it simple and shouldn't be more than 3 inches!

And then Pumps!

Pumps compliment pencil skirts or anything smart.



Almond-Toe and Pointed-Toe pumps are so trendy, just do not wear more than 3-inches high heels! Wearing pumps will earn you professional points from your peers of the Church but wearing more than 3-inches will earn you glances and stares.

 If you’re wearing a dress, the wide width wedge sandals will make the whole outfit more semi-formal.

Do not wear Platform high heels to Church. We get it, you want to look fabulous and just could not wait to try on your new pair of high heels but please not in the Church! Not only will you get stares but also wearing them will actually steal your concentration and purpose in visiting the Church. You will only feel uncomfortable and you’ll be constantly thinking about walking correctly and being well balanced rather than say a prayer.

5. If heels aren’t your thing, flats  or Mules are also appropriate.

6. Coordinate your shoe color with your outfit, but avoid loud colors like a deep red or bright pinks and greens. The focus should not be on you, but on the Lord.

Matchy shoe
Matchy Sandal

Matchy shoe
Matchy shoe

Dear Guys, we will talk about yours some other time :)

 In conclusion, We think you should look your best when attending church. So if you have nice shoes wear them as long as you are comfortable in them, if they are simple and if it doesn't draw all the attention to you (as long as they don't make peoples heads turn(in a bad way).. Wear what looks nice and respectful of the Lords house.

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Join us again next week for another edition/trend...whoop!  


  1. Nice nice nice

    Lovely lovely lovely

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful

    @KFB, thanks a bunch for sharing.

    1. I love shoes but I don't support wearing sneakers to church, haba it is wrong. It is for sports biko

  2. Awwwww!
    Thanks for sharing!


  3. The focus should not be on you but on the lord! Thanks @KFB

  4. Kemi I love your purple combination. Lepa toh fine


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