“I Dropped Out Of School After I Got Pregant At 11, But Today I’m A Masters Degree Holder Because I Didn’t Give Up”-Lady Shares Inspiring Story

A young Lady Uriemu Onome, 31, has shared her very inspiring story about how she got pregnant at the age of 11.

 Her dad sent her packing to the village as a result but that propelled her to becoming a better version of herself.

Onome narrates in the Facebook page how she did everything possible to atone for her mistakes and focused on making it in life despite her rocky start.

Today she holds a masters degree and is happily married. Read her inspiring story below:
My story goes thus, sometime 20 years ago, I was naïve and influenced by peer pressure. My dad was and is still a strict disciplinarian,mum on the other hand was a bit soft on us and let us have our way. She practically covered for and took sides with me especially (being her only daughter amongst 3 sons). I got out of hand and starting moving with the wrong set of friends, got pregnant at age 11 (primary 5) and then my whole world crumbled. 

The harsh reality of life began to unfold as I had to drop out of school, I couldn’t sit for my First School Leaving Certificate Examination(FSLC). People in my neighbourhood made mockery of me my dad couldn’t bare it, so he sent me out of the house and I had to go to the village to live with my grandma. In order to survive and fend for myself (as grandma isn’t working) I had to summon courage and face my own devil, I knew I was the cause of my predicaments and didn’t put the blame on my mum or anyone. 

I started street hawking selling all sorts ranging from tapioca (kpokpo garri), roasted pork meat, roasted maggots, Madiga bread, sachet water etc. Few months later I had my baby,saved some cash (through hawking) which I used to re-enroll for my FSLC, I passed with a “merit”. Still in the street hawking business, I saw myself through secondary school, I was determined to show my folks that I truly regretted my actions and is now a serious child. Enrolled for WAEC cleared all my papers likewise my JAMB and then gained admission into the university. When my dad saw how focused I had become, they took my child and I back, sent me off to the university and took care of my baby….. 

To cut the long story short, I’m now a M.ed holder from the University of Lagos State Akoka, a successful teacher and happily married by His grace. My son is currently a 200Level Law student. Strangers thinks he’s my younger brother because the age gap between us is so close, and he’s growing taller by the day. My son is my life, he’s the reason I am where I am today as his presence into this world made me a responsible individual. He’s my victory story, he knows what I went through and is determined to make me a proud mum #TeamUnion #Unstoppable


  1. Chai, 11y/o? Thank God for both of you. Your son would go places by His grace.

  2. Wow...touched by her story. But mehn, wat parents abandon their 11 year old daughter to fend for herself and her son for 6 years? Dats too much but I guess dats wat made her stronger.

  3. at 11u were already doing it?u actually pushed a baby out at 11?God is wonderful

  4. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

  5. Wooooooowwwe. Inspiring story


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