Domestic violence victim shares story of how she finally got the courage to leave her abusive boyfriend

Domestic abuse
A man tortured his girlfriend for long but she finally got the courage to leave the relationship and share her story
Domestic violence is something that a lot of woman are currently experiencing and are either too afraid to speak up or don’t know who to speak to.

Twitter user, @YeNani_ narrated her sad story of how an abusive boyfriend beat her up every chance he got, from accusations of infidelity to being too tipsy.
‘Thinking about how my ex boyfriend beat me up so badly that I had blood coming out my nose & mouth ❤❤❤’
The man, @DuragJesus_ didn’t say anything in his defence when she mentioned him.
‘This is a warning to all the women out there. @DuragJesus_ physically abused me for a year.’
The most recent was Saturday, where he beat her up so bad, she pleaded with him to kill her.
‘On Saturday I literally begged @DuragJesus_ to kill me. he was beating me so badly i sprained an ankle & my nose was bleeding.’
According to her, the only time she had course to smile was when she was in the company of other men.
‘The best moments in my relationship with @DuragJesus_ was when I was with other men. that was the only time I felt safe.’
He was so out of control, he even hurt her friend who tried to defend her from his brutality.
‘By last month, @DuragJesus_ had no bounds. he even hit me in front of @NalediSibisi. sprained her wrist too.’
She also claimed to have evidence that would land him in big trouble, evidence she would keep until the time was right
‘I cannot release the video i took behind the door while @DuragJesus_ tried to break the door down with a hammer bc it’s in as evidence.’
He beat her whatever chance he got.
‘The night @khanyisile invited me & @DuragJesus_ to her home: we left b/c he was pissed that I was tipsy. he beat me in the car then at home.” she narrated. “Another night, at the BET experience last year, @DuragJesus_ slammed my hand between the car door because i was “flirting” with a gay man.’
After beating her badly, he’d tell her to ‘compose herself’, and according to her, some of his friends were aware of all that was going on and never spoke up.
She added that her assaulter happened to be an attorney so opening a Police case against him might prove futile.
‘To all my friends asking for his address, no. hitting him will NOT fix this. going to the police probably won’t either b/c he’s an attorney.’
When asked why she still stayed, she replied that they ‘were joined at the rot’.
She only got the courage to leave him the day before she told her story after he’d given her another round of beating.
‘While I was packing my things he shoved me around & planned a braai with his mates for later ❤’ probably because he felt sure she’d return as it was a regular with them.
‘The time he put ‘after all her shenanigans, the model is back in my bed’ as a caption on ig. that’s how big of a joke it was to beat me.’
‘The ‘I believe you’ messages mean the most. part of my reluctance to speak up was because I knew his defence force would call me a liar.’
‘One of the many times he kept my phone on his person so i wouldn’t call for help he found the video i took of him hammering the door down. He said ‘hahaha. who did you send this to?’ and deleted it. google had backed it up automatically. without that video i would have nothing.’
She went ahead to narrate how he’d dragged her to the bank to cancel her fixed deposit.
‘Yesterday dragged me to the bank in so I could cancel my fixed deposit and pay him for a flight I didn’t ask for. bank denied it. thank god. He told me it was reparations for what I put him through. he currently has my laptop (which has my work portfolio) as ‘insurance.”
Surprisingly, an ex of his reached out to her and explained how he almost did the same to her, the same ex he had said all sorts of evil things about.
‘Here comes the part I was never ready for, one of his exes coming forward to say she ‘experienced glimpses’ of what @DuragJesus_ did to me What’s wild is that he made every effort to make sure i didn’t like this woman. told me weird stories about them & her. I see why now. okay.’
Her followers sympathised with her and thanked her for giving a lot of women strength to come out about their own abusive relationships.
We need more courageous women like her.
Hopefully, this is the beginning of a new life for her and she would maintain her strength and never go back to her psychopathic ex- boyfriend.


  1. She went through all these from an ordinary boyfriend. smh. Thank God for her life.

    1. Exactly my thoughts ooo ordinary boyfriend, SMH.

  2. Boyfriend not even husband?????

    Thank God you came out alive.

    1. Exactly my thoughts ooo ordinary boyfriend, SMH.


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