Daddy Freeze wants to know why the marriages of Nigerian Pastors don't last, calls out Chris Okotie and Oyakhilome!

Hours ago CoolFm OAP, Daddy Freeze posted the photo above on Instagram with this long caption below:

Couples above; Charlie boy and lady Di, Maheeda and Hubby.
Couples below; pastor Oyakhilome and former wife, pastor Okitie and former wife..

Looking at the above couples there are so many things I can deduce.
1. Don't judge a book by its cover.
2. The least likely to win very often win.
Is it also safe to ask.....
1. Since Maheeda and Charlie boy succeeded at marriage while these pastors failed, is it better to get counseling from them, rather than the pastors?
2. Is there something they know that the pastors don't?
3. Do the pastors themselves need to be counseled by the couples on top?
4. Are we getting the whole concept of marriage wrong?
5. Does everyone really have someone made for them?
6. Is cooking as important as one pastor claimed?
7. Did the pastors not hear from God before they married their former spouses, or did they hear wrong? You know '56' sounds very much like '66' but they are 2 different numbers.
8. Is sexuality more important than we are are made to believe?
9. Should more women try to emulate Lady Di and Maheeda so their marriages can last?
10. Are you in the wrong relationship or marriage?
11. A pastor I know preaches that oral sex is a sin, is this true and could the lack of it, have anything to do with the breakdown of pastoral marriages?

Answer as honestly as your conscience permits you! ~FRZ


  1. "Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm" marriage is tough for everyone regardless, but you must understand how the spiritual world functions. Satan will not attack your marriage if he knows you are already working for him. He knows the children are also spiritualy lost. When you have given your life to Christ, know that you will be under serious attacks because you work for a different kingdom and satan will not let you go until he is able to destroy but here is the reality, we are cast down but not destroyed... God who has started a good thing in us shall surely finish it. Who told you thise divorced/separated pastors will never reconcile? Yes, I'd seek advice from those pastors, so I can know what NOT to do.

  2. Hmmm! Deep! I must say that I agree with you to some point. Blessings of God!

  3. if u ask me, na who i go ask

  4. Christian marriages are constantly under attacks and it takes the grace of God, togetherness and spiritual warfare to overcome.


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