Confusion as 7 different girls celebrate the "National Boyfriend Day" with the same Nigerian guy (Photo)

National Boyfriend Day always falls on on third of October every year, the day is an unofficial holiday meant to celebrate the man you love publicly.

Even though ‘boyfriend’ refers to a person with whom you are in intimate relationship, people also celebrate the day to appreciate the men they love in platonic way. Many often celebrate the day by spoiling their boyfriends with gifts.

Well, funnily, 7 different girls uploaded pictures of same guy on their social media handles celebrating him as their boo, baby, lover and even as baby daddy.

KFBers what do you call such a man? Lol


  1. Replies
    1. According to Harrison even your boo get a boo. Wow Nigeria guys I hail oooo

  2. smart dude. The guy must be really rich

  3. Bad baddo badest. He mus tbe a very nice guy

  4. Damn this is how it is now? No value, pride, and respect for our women no more. Loyalty is long lost. I don't understand how anyone will celebrate this dude coz this is very wrong in all levels. We need to start doing better mhen. Ya'll don't let the growth of your daughters be the reason why you will start being loyal to our women. Don't let STD be the reason why you will stop fuckery. Having 1 girlfriend alone is exhausting sometime but 7. Some women comments talking about King Solomon and shitt like that. People like you are the reason why guyz like this exist coz ya'll ain't even pride yourself. SMDH

  5. him na only him waka come.... dat moment social media lovey lovey gets u busted

  6. Sorry to disappoint but no real drama here...http://www.complex.com/life/2016/10/7-women-same-man-national-boyfriend-day-hoax


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