Awww...Best man proposes to his woman at wedding reception in Lagos (photos)

A Best Man sprung a surprise on everyone when he got down on his knees and proposed to his woman during a wedding reception in Lagos

Wow! This is so romantic!

Photo credit: Bisi Royalty Photos


  1. Replies
    1. Awwww ๐Ÿ˜˜They're such a match... Both wearing sunglasses indoors... For Christ sake

  2. Best place 4 such a surprise

    1. How is it best place abeg? Such classless things people do dis days!!!! They r several oda places u can prove ur romeo...not at someone's wedding.....why nt let d couple enjoy their day n spotlight in peace....why choose dat day of all 365 days. Complete Nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So he couldn't buy flower and rent hotel, biko I will pack my dress and drag the both of them by the ear out of my wedding

  4. I hope dey sent him half of d bill since he decided to turn d wedding to his engagement party.

    1. LOL. hoohohohohohohoh heheheheheheheheheheh

  5. Nah this is disrespectful. You dont try steal the thunder on someone elses big day

  6. .Awww... That's really sweet. For those of you who said he stole the spotlight from the couple on their wedding day, I disagree with you. Because, no matter how sweet or charming his proposal is, he can only steal the spot light for like 10 minutes or so and it goes right back to the newly wed cos it's their day.I's okay to share in my joy. It increases that way. A few minutes of proposal can't steal my shine. Oh! I get to make someone happy. On the side, they will always remember my anniversary, Lol. Feel free Mbok. Shining Is all I do. All day, everyday!!! Congratulations to the newly wed and engaged. God bless you guys.

  7. LOL@comments, congratulations to them.


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