Where is the Bread-Seller-Turned-Model Olajumoke Orisaguna? - Charles Novia

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Olajumoke Orisaguna has vanished from social media, and this has gotten a lot of people talking.
Yesterday, top filmmaker, Charles Novia, took to his Facebook page to point out the oddity in the model’s disappearances from media, a fear he had earlier expressed after corporations fought over each other to hype the former bread seller.

“We don’t hear anymore about the Bread Seller turned model, Olajumoke Orisaguna,” Novia said on his Facebook yesterday. “I wrote at the beginning of the media frenzy over her that she was just the flavour of the moment for a public looking for sweet distraction from realities in the polity and that she would be discarded by that same public and media once the curiosities wane. It’s happening now, innit?”

Olajumoke’s story kept social media busy for many months, until she slicked away from public eye. However, in May, the mother of two resurfaced on social media to confirm that she dumped Few Models, the agency that first signed her on after her breaking story stunned the world, for Beth Model Africa.
Also, Olajumoke confirmed she was set to launch her foundation, the “Olajumoke Orisaguna foundation”. This came after she reportedly gave out N200,000 to some 40 breadsellers.
Now, there are worries that the media profited from her story and now has dumped her since the frenzy is over.
Her Instagram page was last updated six weeks ago.
“I thought about her two days ago and even did a social media random check. They no longer update her social media sef!,” Facebook user Ngozi Okafor said yesterday, and another, Dino Cee, said:
“The whole thing looks like a staged managed conspiracy drama but if it really was a true story then I think the girl should be blamed for not advancing herself using the opportunity she got from that overnight fame, I mean that she should have used that opportunity to push herself into the Nollywood or try by any means to release a music album so as to remain relevant in the public circle, modeling is a career that you are only relevant when you are sought-after and it is very difficult for deals to come by all the time but in the Nollywood at least she can always get something with that quick fame even if it is a sub or extras if her charges are moderate, in the music she can always make herself an album anytime she wants more especially this days that lyrics has no meaning but rhythms to Nigerians.”
What do you think?


  1. I thought i read that she's in school and her hubby just got a job

  2. Her life...whatever rocks her boat. I wish her well.

  3. She went underground to develop herself. Every one can do that. How many men or women remain a face every day for a year. U either mellow down to redefine urself or d stark reality of natural tendencies make u go off d scene.Look from Jan 1st to date, whose face have been seeing everywhere for every day? Jumoke is coming back bigger. I love her story and d Writer of d story will not dump her

  4. Olajumoke has gone to School and needs no distractions now

  5. You posted something about her that she's in school and her husband also got job...

  6. I guess she's fine and doing well wherever she is

  7. God Almighty is perfecting all that concerns her IJN.


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