These Boys posed as ladies on Facebook, raped two ladies and recorded the act in Calabar (Photos)

Hours ago, a certain Facebook user Esame Nkim, shared some photos of these boys (pictured above) and how they were arrested on  yesterday for  posing as ladies on Facebook and then raping two ladies they invited to visit them at Atekong in Calabar.

They didn't stop there! 
The young men also recorded the act and then asked the ladies to pay N30k or they will release the video clip on the internet.
Read the account below:

“This is happening live in my place of work. The picture of the boys below this write-up used female names and pictures to make friends with some girls on Facebook. The innocent girls were invited to meet with the supposed "friend", when the girls got to the address at no. 1 Atekong in Calabar. The boys handed their phone to a girl to go bring in the girls. As soon as the girls entered the house the girl who ushered them in disappeared. The two girls were raped by five boys, videotaping their acts and later asked the girls to pay them 30k or the video will be uploaded to the net. They showed the girls clips from their escapades with other girl s and how much they paid. As the girls went out in search of the money, they decided reporting the case to law enforcement agents and they were picked up. Beware of who you add as friends!"


  1. Like seriously?
    *jaw dropping*
    Some thing like this happened not quite long. What is going on? Ladies, please let's receive sense! Why must you pay a "social media" friend a visit? Does it make sense? Huh? Not even this End Time Era of rituals, kidnapping and the likes. Its like paying a stranger a visit for crying out loud! Ehn! Imagine, these he-goats raped two ladies they invited to visit them at Atekong in Calabar. Nitori Olorun? *pissed off* I don't blame these he-goats. Senseless fools traveled to Atekong to see facebook friends, mtcheww! Even persons I know from Adam sef, I never pay dem visit finish, na person I jam on facebook I go pay visit? Na jazz? Even if na jazz, it can't work. Thank God they were nabbed.

    1. Can you imagine! If they must visit, why can't they choose a public place?

  2. The ill in our society is just unthinkable at times.

  3. nawah oooo,wat do they get 4m raping......lord have mercy on us in this nation wen a girl like u can as well set u up

  4. Nemesis has caught up with them.

  5. I'm really tired of these kinda stories

  6. Let those who are too simple hearted follow d trends in d society and learn and deliver themselves from demonic hawks

  7. Lets be honest, they are plain dumb. Who adds people they dont know on facebook and you not only do that...you go ahead and meet with them?? Some1 pinch me.. how daft can one get?? Oh please!!

  8. Animals!!! Their joysticks should be chopped off.


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