Only God could have done this! I was down with a painful and peppery boil

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Hello Miss Kemisola Filani, How are you?

For quite a time, I was down with a painful and peppery boil. I tried all l could do, it refused to go.
You would say what is boil that one would testify. I have a great reason to tell about God and His power and what He did to me in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ.
  With the intensity of the pain and the duration,I had to shift focus to God.
I had all along been bombarded with divers treatments of boil and it was becoming embarrassment.
   I joined them for a prayer session at Mountain of Fire and Miracles church.
With faith in the prayers made in the name of Jesus, I used the water prayed into to rub the boil.
And so it happened. The boil burst and a hole was made in it or let me say through it and an earthworm -like- lava came out.
A thought came to my mind to burn the lava. On my pouring kerosene and a drop of anointing oil over it,the lava exploded in the fire like a big and loud banger, the like of fireworks that are on display at December festive period.
I want to say, thank You, Lord. HE healed me and delivered me.
I learnt through it that nothing is too big or too small that one can not place into the hand of God the Almighty.
I am glad I did.
Praise the Lord  !


  1. Mighty God! May the good Lord perfect your healing.Amen!

  2. Wow.God is awesome.This is to encourage someone out there not to take things for granted.Even headache sometimes is not ordinary. Commit everything/situation into God's hand and he will do it.

  3. Wonder working God. You alone should be praised and adored.

  4. May ur testimony be permanent in jesus name


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