My breakthrough was when I played at an event of just 40 top people in the country - Saxophonist “ Beejaysax” tells his story!

Helen Event Blog recently conducted an exclusive interview with Nigeria’s premium saxophonist and artist popularly known as Beejaysax. The interview is centered on his brand and the event industry.

H.E.B:  Kindly tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?
B.J SAX: I am Banjoko  Abolaji David according to my passport lol… They call me Beejaysax. I play sax and supply music for all kinds of events, corporate, social, religious etc…
H.E.B: How long have you being a Saxophonist?
B.J SAX: Hmmm….. I will say may be 15years back but I started this Saxophone business about 6years ago.
H.E.B: How has it being so far?
B.J SAX: Well…it’s being quite challenging but I have being able to break into the market and create new concept that you can’t find everywhere.
H.E.B: Tell us a bit about your educational background?
B.J SAX: I studied Mechanical Engineering at the Olabisi Onabanjo University. So I am an engineer  turned saxophonist lol… I went to Caleb International College where the whole thing started from which was my secondary school.
H.E.B: What are the highlights and breakthrough moments in the growth of your career?
B.J SAX: I have a principle and my principle is whatever you have plans to do, do it well. I don’t do so much of media adverts like my other people, when I find myself in any event, I play as much as I can and try to be at my best. From there, I get other events. Over the years, it’s being looking good. My breakthrough was when I played at an event of just 40 top people in the country. It was a corporate event on a Friday that led to me getting engaged in another event on the following Sunday and Monday. So from there, the whole thing started.
H.E.B: Are you ruling out the importance of advertising  in media?
B.J SAX: No, I’m not. There is something in the event industry that is a major issue, people advertise and they have their papparazi , pictures and everything so when you hire them for their service, it’s not what it looks like. As much as advertising is important, you can’t rule out delivery which I think it is more important.
H.E.B: Can you tell us some of the major events you’ve played at?
B.J SAX: Well…major events? Ehmm…major  Banks, Nigeria Port Authority, PWC  etc…That is for corporate events.
H.E.B: So, you play more of corporate event to social events?
B.J SAX: No, it depends. There is a season for everything . I play a lot of weddings too. This year, I only have two free Saturdays that I am not playing weddings. Let’s say I do more weddings weekends and corporate events, weekdays in and outside the country.
H.E.B: What motivates you?
B.J SAX: I will say God and the fact that people are feeling my music. Peoples satisfaction about our delivery.
H.E.B: What have you learnt the hardway?
B.J SAX: There are so many things .first, there are jobs whereby when I started, I probably don’t get paid till after a year. Unlike some other vendors, I have a lot of running to do, moving of equipments and sounds, paying of staffs and band members. Some situations whereby after the wedding you want your balance and the bride and groom are on there honeymoon. Although we’ve stopped that now, because part of our principle now is you pay 100% before the event because I don’t want to be chasing you after the event . laughs….There are so many other things, some events outside the country. The issue of time, being a musician, sometimes you have to avoid time contracts. Situation whereby people will tell you they want to start there event by 2pm and then by 4pm nobody is there and it’s possible you have another event to attend to. With that, you will be loosing out somewhere else. That is where diplomacy channeled into rigid.
H.E.B: When you face a scenario where you have to meet up with another client and you are being delayed somewhere, how do you meet up with the other person?
B.J SAX: Hmmm… you use wisdom, and then there is power of plan B, meaning an alternative.
H.E.B: Can you give us some tips on becoming a saxophonist?
B.J SAX: Hmmmmm!!!   (1) Buy a saxophone
(2) Learn it
(3) Be the best saxophone player
(4) Find a unique selling point . This is very important in the industry and it is not limited to  saxophonist alone. This means, have something or concept people can’t find everywhere. It makes people turn from the audience and prefer you.
(5) Place a value on yourself. I  make a joke and call myself a premium saxophonist. This means you can’t find me everywhere. So you place that value on yourself.bjsax-1
H.E.B: What is the most memorable event you have played at?
B.J SAX: Sighs!!! I have a lot of it. There was a time I went to the U.S as a surprise not even for the couple nor the parents but for the guests,  as I stepped in, some of them were like whao!!! So Beejaysax is here because I saw some of them 2days to the event in Lagos. So I felt really big. Although there are some bigger stages too like Portharcourt Carnival and other big concerts that I have played at.

H.E.B: What are the personality traits someone needs to have to be a successful saxophonist?
B.J SAX: Be cool, calm, humble and always know that you are not the only one and always work harder. Most especially, timing too.
H.E.B: What are the major challenges you think that are in the event industry  in Nigeria?
B.J SAX: Challenges? Hmmm!!! I will say the regulatory body. You find out that there is no order, there are no rules and regulations etc…
H.E.B: Words to live by?
B.J SAX: I have two of it. Whatever you are doing, do it well and secondly, all things are possible. Meaning, there is nothing you can’t achieve. Leave out fear and procrastination.bjsax-3
H.E.B: Your date of birth?
B.J SAX: 30th of September.
H.E.B: Thank you.


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