KFB's Heart-2-Heart! He needs help on how to spice up his relationship after losing 3 girlfriends

So I just got this mail from a 27 year old graphic artist and KFBer who needs help on how to spice up his love life after losing three girlfriends cos they feel he is boring.

Hi... Good afternoon. My name is Kamaldeen M*********, I have sent some messages to you on whats app and yet i didn't get any reply....I have had three boring relationships now and I really need advice on how to spice up my relationship in case of my next one, don't want to repeat the same mistake again. The ladies always leave me cos they say I am boring and I don't know why. The third serious relationship lasted for 9months. She's a school mate of mine, and after months, she began to act cold and say that I am not sweet cos I don't always have time to hang out with her yet my work does not give me the privilege to hang out like that. I only have time for myself on weekends and that's when i go to school bcuz am a part-time student in which she is also...... Please help me ask the blog family on what I should do to stop being boring or having a boring relationship please....I have googled options but I need real and actual advise from our tiwa n tiwa people...


  1. First commit everything to God, ensure you call her at least once a day, send text to remind her that you love her and find time to hang out with her.I pray your next relationship work out

    1. You just voiced my thoughts. Call her at d beginning of d day, send her messages during d day. Study her well and know how she reacts to things you do to spice d relationship up so you know which to continue with and which to drop.

  2. I think sustaining a relationship takes alot of hard work and dedication if you truly wanna make it work. Find time out of your busy schedule to hang out with your girl, you can't be busy all the time. Also improve your sense of humour. Say things that'll make her laff I think ladies like guys that makes them laff. That's my take, thank me later.

    1. I fall into that category... I like people that has sense of humor. Life is short jare...

  3. Find tym to chat with her nd don't make d chat boring by asking her questions lyk Awayu, ve u eaten,No, call her nd sing for her no mata how bad u voice is, it will crack her up,give her a surprise visit nd sm funny text messages

  4. No, you can't be selfish and have time for yourself only, and make your girl redundant, abi decoration... It's not done! You get time to woo her abi?... Lol
    You didn't tell us what you've done so far that didn't work. All the same some already gave you some tips👆🏾.
    If you truly love someone you create time for them... You sleep and wake at home, right? Call her before you get to work, during lunch time, and before you go to bed. If you can't call text but make sure you guys talk everyday, at least give her heads up on how your week gonna be. It doesn't have to be a long call. After lectures on weekends tell her to join you somewhere, where you can have some talk, (if not for her) at least you need to know who you're dating. Gist about anything and everything. What are your expectations and vice versa. Joke and talk about things she would love to hear.
    Send her a gift( depending on your pocket).
    Holidays plenty for 9ja oo, abeg make use of it.
    Invite her to your place of work( if she can visit) or she can come at your closing time, or you visit her after close of work or any day you close earlier than expected.
    I understand you will have other stuff to do, so the visit doesn't have to be weekly. The most important thing is communcations.
    Some people make long distance relationships work, so I see no reason why you should have a boring relationship when you live in the same city with your girl.
    If you're a shy guy, work on yourself... If you already did all this, then maybe the "boring" means something else.

    You need to define your relationship with your girl, and don't forget what I want is differs from yours. So, you need to know your girl in other to know how you go about it. For instance, some people don't like their guy to call them like more than twice/day(they feel like you're choking/stalking them) so, you need to actually study her to know what she wants.

    Toodle oo!

  5. You so on point Nike. Well said!

  6. Abi o. Life's too short to frown face o.

  7. @nike ola u shud be a relationship consultant lol,but i felt he shud work on himself if he's nt boring wen asking a girl out den he shudnt be boring after winning a lady's heart,thou nike has said it all bt all the same u need to work on the tins u feel u nt doing rite,it might even be d fact that u nt romantic enuf,mite even be his dress sense or sex life.check ursef man

    1. Lol... Let just stay on my lane jeje hahahaha...
      To think I typed all that on a phone is incredible... Lol. I hate to on a phone.

  8. @nike ola, I doff my hat! Chaaiiiiiii *shines teeth*


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