KFB Movie Review: 4-1-Love was incredibly dumb and annoying!


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When a young lady’s innocent online romance turns sour, her real-life boyfriend decided to wade in and use the unsuspecting man as a Cash Cow. Now, if you are duped of money it is called 419 but if you are duped of love, what do you call it? ‘4-1-Love?’

The movie has a star-studded cast that comprises of Kenneth Okonkwo, comedian Bovi, Ebele Okaro, Bryce Bassey, Lilian Esoro, Bobby Michaels and many others.

The movie was produced by Okey Ezugwu and directed Ikechukwu Onyeka.

This pretender to Nollywood glory might have been bearable if only it had some respect for itself and stayed away from the cinemas. But it didn't and ultimately turns out to be a rather convincing embarrassment to all of Nollywood's effort at a renaissance, that ought to be avoided at all cost till it shows up at your local video rental store where it rightly belongs. Because the only thing slightly original about '4-1-Love' is it's title; it's down the drain from that point on.

It's so unoriginal, like a nightmarish flash from a shameful past, '4-1-Love' somehow manages to share everything in common with every terrible movie ever to come out of Nollywood; all round embarrassingly-shoddy acting, lazy-as-a-corpse scripting, ridiculously-predictable story line, are just a few of the traits that makes this one stand out as the bold insult it is to every cinema lover in Nigeria. A complete hogwash; you will want your money back.

Not recommended!

See trailer and get more details below:
Synopsis: A young woman's innocent online romance soon turn sour when her boyfriend decides to use the unsuspecting wealthy man as a cash cow. If he was duped of money, that's 419 but when you dupe him of Love, it is 41Love. (Written by Oakfil Productions)

Cast: Kenneth Okonkwo, Bovi Ugboma, Lilian Esoro, Ebele Okaro, Alex Ekubo, Brycee Bassey, Anthony Monjaro.

This week's review is done by O.Cube (Cinema Pointer).


  1. Nigeria movie. ..everyone wants to be a producer and script writer.

  2. 4-1-Love was incredibly dumb and annoying! LOL

    1. Lol... The headline self don "kobalize" the movie.

  3. 41luv has a good cast. I guess tge movie will be good.

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  4. I'd still love to see it anyway

  5. Kemi you r damn right. Wasted my money n time to see last week at Genesis deluxe


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