Jesus won't do all these Senrere | Pastor Fatoyinbo of COZA faces intense criticisms for flaunting a Gucci bag said to be worth over N1m

Biodin Fatoyinbo of COZA Rocks N1m Gucci Supreme Tote Bag

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) who is known for his avid display of wealth and sense of style is presently receiving some intense criticisms online for flaunting a Gucci Web Animalia GG Supreme Tote Bag reportedly worth over a million naira.
It all started on Sunday, Sept 4, when he posted the photo below on his Instagram handle.

He captioned the photo

  Church in a bit! No greater feeling than when we come together to fellowship at COZA! 

    Join us www.cozanigeria.tv #PraiseAndLove”
Sharp eyed Nigerians immediately noticed the trendy Gucci bag beside the pastor on the passenger seat , which is valued at $2,490 (about N1.04 million)

Since then, there have been back and forth arguments on the propriety of a cleric flaunting such an expensive bag on social media, with COZA currently trending on Twitter.
Here are some of the reactions below:

KFBers what do you think?


  1. Replies
    1. Politicians will do their own pastors will do their own how will Nigeria survive with this kind of useless heartless people we can leaders. I pray one day we full these this people face to face

  2. @Abosede it is really well with Nigerians.

  3. Is this one really a pastor?

  4. There's no crime in him dressing well to suit his taste and possibly please his wife.He didn't steal the bag, did he?

  5. Is there a way CAN can sanction this errant pastor? These are the kind of charlatans that need to be weeded of christendom.

    Christians are facing persecution from muslims in Nigeria and we need revolutionary men of God that can save us from the terrorists and this pastor is exhibiting obscene wealth. I dont blame him though, the blame goes to his sheepish congregation.

    Femi fani Kayode is a better Christian than a whole lot of these pastors. I spit on pastor omotoyinbo's face.

    He is a disgrace to every christian and yoruba individual.

    1. You are a disgrace to this generation you lack wisdom!!! receive sense in Jesus name

    2. Accursed and damned are those who attend this charlatan's church.

    3. Be careful how you speak about people, you don't know who He has really called. Touch not my anointed(not even with spoken words), saith the lord. If you really are not sure about his anointing/calling, i think it's better you keep mute.

  6. maybe the bag is Church Property

  7. Are men of God meant to be poor???Even God is not poor...The bible says"he shall provide for our needs according to his riches in glory in christ Jesus"...A poor being cannot create d heavens and d earth and also make the earth his foot stool,,so should his children...pls let's respect the ANOINTING he carries before we face the wrath of God

  8. If it is his personal money( having his own business enterprise) and not from the offerings of both the rich and the poor in the church . Even at that,what is he doing to help the poor around him? What is he doing to help avert terrorists in the land. When there is too much conform around him. No war and no attack!


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