Jenifa’s Diary Actress, Toyo Baby, Says, “I’m An Advocate of Sexual Purity”

Her real name is Juliana Olayode but you know her as Toyo Baby, the patient friend of Jennifer played by Funke Akindele in the popular soap, Jenifa’s Diary. Young, talented and devoid of controversies, Toyo Baby spoke to KemiashefonLovehaven in this exclusive interview:
You are very new to the screen, when did you graduate from school?
I never went to the university. I did try initially but it didn't work out. Instead of spending more years trying, I decided to follow my passion, acting. I intend on getting certifications that would improve me as an actress.
What’s the attraction to acting?
I have always loved acting. Right from childhood, even in my every day interactions with family and friends, I've been very dramatic; always talking, gesticulating, being naughty, to mention a few. Acting is in me. Most of my friends know I have always said I would be the best actress in the world. This seems like a lofty goal but that's how much acting means to me. I guess one other attraction I have to acting is that it affords me the "rare luxury" of becoming anything I want to be. It's like living in another world.

Is Jenifa’s Diary your first attempt on TV?
No, it is not. I had been on other movie sets before the series.

How did you get the role?
My friend, Tope Dada, sent me an Audition B.C. (Broadcast message) and I went for the auditions. I scaled three stages of auditions and finally got picked to act the sub lead role of Toyosi. It was God all the way and I would forever be thankful.

How has clinching the role helped your career?
Jenifa's Diary has been a great boost to my career. It has given me a platform to showcase my God-given talent to the world. I have had the rare privilege of meeting many top guns in the industry because of this platform. I definitely look forward to a wonderful career.

Are you involved in other soaps? Movies?
I am not involved in any other soap as at now but I have featured in a couple of movies. I'm presently preparing to go on another movie set.

How do you handle the fame being ‘Toyo baby’ has thrust on you?
It has been challenging and fun at the same time. I have to be careful what I look like when I leave the house. Almost everywhere I go, someone recognizes me and many times, people want selfies. It was strange and embarrassing at times initially but I'm getting used to it now. It feels good to know people love what I do. That's my fulfillment, above the fame.

How has acting alongside Funke Akindele helped your career?
I have learnt from her. Acting with her has made me know that acting is no joke, its serious business. And if you must do it, you must give it your best. She takes her job serious and is very hard working. I would always take that with me.

Were there times you felt like quitting?
Yes, a couple of times. The major bane has been the challenge of selecting the kind of movies to feature in. I'm a Christian and have strong values, so it sometimes gets discouraging when it seems opportunities for people like me aren't as many.

Are you in any relationship?
No, I am not as at today.

 Who is Toyo Baby?
I am Olayode Juliana. I am the last girl in a family of eight. I was born and brought up in Lagos. I am from Ogun State. I worship at The Ark, a church for young adults and I'm a proud advocate of sexual purity. I love people, I love adventure, I love having fun, and I enjoy laughing. Apart from acting, I sing, dance, write and enjoy making jokes.
Do you nurse any dream?
My dream is to become the best actress in the world without letting go of my values and my love for God.
 What are your plans for Nollywood? Or you just want to stick with Jenifa’s diary?
I intend to further my career in Nollywood aggressively, featuring in movies and series and making a mark in the industry. Jenifa's Diary is my major starting point.
Describe yourself in a word?


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    1. I love her acting. She's good. Best wishes.

  2. I love her acting. She's good. Best wishes.

  3. Go on with what u believe in,lady.

  4. Toyo baby, i love her. Stick with your values.

  5. I like this babe, Toyo baby *shines teeth*

  6. u try keep it up

  7. great work dear. Bae you look so beautiful.I love you smiles

  8. Elo bea you've don a great job, keep it up. bea yu look so beautiful. love your smiles

  9. i like the way she talks, her smiles, she is the best

  10. Nice one Juliana, We are proud of you dear. Keep representing MINE MINISTRY and MOST IMPORTANTLY JESUS in the movie industry. Keep up the good work and Together, we stand for NO SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE (#nosum).

  11. Keep up the good work Juliana.. Our very own Toyobaby. Keep representing MINE MINISTRY and most importantly JESUS in the movie industry. Together, we stand for NO SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE. #NOSUM all the way joor.

  12. oh wow.. Juliana i really love this.
    keep representing Jesus.. may your feet never stumble, in Jesy\us name, amen.

    ps; is it The Ark at ikeja? i have worshiped there once..

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