I’m back to my life – Bukola Awoyemi-Arugba talks about her twin kids and hubby, Damola Olatunji

Bukky and Damola
Celebrated actress, Bukola Awoyemi, is fully back in the film industry after taking about two years off to take care of her twins.

The lady that came to limelight after playing Arugba, in Tunde Kelani’s film that goes by the same title  says the holiday period is over.
Arugba is a dramatisation of the votary maiden system that is part of the Osun Osogbo Festival tradition.

Bukky and Damola

According to Awoyemi, she has recently taken part in some films, although she is not ready to produce another movie of her own yet.
Her first movie, Igba n ba Jo, was released about four years ago.
Arugba says, “I am fully back in action. I surely missed acting when I was away from the scene. You know, it is beyond work, it is a matter of passion. Acting is an intimate part of my life; and we can even say that life is acting and acting is life. So, it is good to be back to my life. “The little time I was away also gave me the opportunity to reflect more on the job itself. It gave me the opportunity to hone my craft and discover new ideas. The most important thing is that I am back on the scene red-hot, as the saying goes.”
The actress says it has been fun taking care of her twins. She, however, concedes that nursing twins is not a tea party.
The adorable twins

“To nurse a single baby is not a joke, let alone taking care of two simultaneously,” she adds. “Twins are a double bundle of joy, but they also come with double challenges. It means you have to feed two people, often, at the same time. You have to dress two; you have to lure two people to bed almost at the same time. At times, they may choose to play. At times, they may fight each other – you know, as other children do. They may laugh together; they may choose to cry at the same time. So, all the tasks and challenges come double-double, just as the joy comes.”
Arugba’s man, Damola Olatunji, also a celebrated actor, produces and directs movies as well. She has taken part in some of the films he directed. According to her, there is no difference between working with Olatunji and working with other people.
“He is a very committed director. Of course, I also  know that once you get on set, you have to give the job the creativity and seriousness it demands. So, there is no conflict of interest here.”


  1. Cute babies.Oh how I love twins

  2. Cute babies.Oh how I love twins

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