Laura Ikeji compares herself to Kylie & Kendall Jenner, mocks critics for saying she's feeding off her sister's fame and fortune

Well, for those who think Laura Ikeji, the younger sister of popular blogger, Linda Ikeji is living off her sister's fame and fortune, she has a message for you all.

She posted the picture above, comparing herself to Kylie and Kendel Jenner and wrote:  It's usually easier for people with celebrity or rich siblings to succeed but trust me, it's hard to get your own identity without people always attributing your success to that famous sister or brother of yours. 

Some of us just like Kylie & Kendall Jenner work our butts off, we re creative, we re constantly getting it right, we have our own. Support us like our siblings have with their fame or money. We too dey try.


  1. Kwakwakwakwakwa see this ugly imp comparing her sef to kylie? You are a leech leeching on her sister since time immemorial.

    *hangs leg on the cupboard*

  2. Oh well bitch listen up u ain't like Kendall and Kylie so stop giving yourself high hopes btw your family ain't d oly successful people in nigeria

  3. What a mess!

    The government keeps frustrating the youths. Find your way o. A skill is the capital you need. Just get it and exchange it for money!

    Get the right resource you need!

    Learn today how!

    Learn from the master! Take responsibility for your life!

    Get Started

  4. this girl sabi forward herself ehn...smh

  5. This ugly gorilla needs to look in the mirror again. How can she mention kylie and kendall in the same sentence with herself? Agbaya that she is. Comparing yourself to young chics that you cant even see face to face.
    All thais linda money she is shouting self. Can that ratchet family shutup for once?


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