God brought Stella Damasus into my life – Daniel Ademinokan

For one who walked out of his marriage and eloped with another woman abroad, not a few fans and colleagues now wonder at Daniel Ademinokan and his partner, actress Stella Damasus’ stance on righteous living.
Ademinokan, a Nollywood movie director, was married to actress Doris Simeon and the union produced a son. He left Doris, travelled abroad and put up with Stella, a widow of late Jaiye Aboderin who had two daughters for the late Aboderin who was Wunmi Obe's brother. Daniel also has a son from Doris and lives with the boy abroad.
In an interview, Doris narrated what happened in the then young marriage:
Doris Simeon

She said,I can’t say what actually happened. I did not suspect if he was dating any woman or not because we were the best of friends. I trusted him too. When the problem started, I was begging him for reconciliation. I am an orphan with nobody to run to but his family members, who also tried to intervene. At a point they fought with him because he stopped picking their calls, even his pastor. Before the separation, I suggested counselling but he promised to turn around for good. He did not. He would leave the house for some days and would not pick my calls. He also accused me of nagging and policing him around. At a point, he came back and told me it was lack of money that caused the problems. As a good wife, I suggested we pray about it. He told me one day that he wanted to go and see his mother and took our only son with him (the union produced just a child). I didn’t suspect anything because they usually went out together. That was the last time I saw of my then 2-year-old son (year 2000) He never said what the problem was. It was a normal hassle between couples.”
Now in the United States with his partner Stella, the duo took to evangelism through music. They are now both gospel ministers. While Stella remains the lead vocal, Daniel is saddled with strumming the guitar and together, they were able to put up a show tagged ‘Kingdom Generals’ which supposedly recorded a huge turnout of people to worship God.
Utterly excited Daniel echoed his emotion about having Stella in his life. He posted on FACEBOOK:

 “It’s such an honor to do ministry with this woman! The things I experienced this weekend, words alone cannot describe.
Heaven literarily touched the earth at KG 2016. Stella Damasus, I stand boldly to say that our partnership is divine and orchestrated by God on many levels. Such an honor to experience Life & God with you.
“The grace & anointing that God has placed over our lives has no option but to increase exponentially especially after such a spectacular weekend in HIS presence. My message to the world; When God calls you, yield and do not wait for the validation of Man. God validates you with the power that backs up the call.”


  1. these people like attention ehn.after now she ll come and say people re poke nosing into her private matter.mtcchhewww.unam ikot

  2. Doris please forget this idiot, he ran with her for money.

  3. I cant judge either of your actions. Let God be the judge

  4. I don't understand.Are they dating, courting or married?

    1. Still married to Doris not yet divorce

  5. Wow.. this is a blessing indeed...I wish u a forever happy home..

  6. Shame on doris*
    Ordinary man,u can't keep*
    Finest couple*

  7. na dem sabi,@anon 21:22 av u kept ur own spouse?

  8. Please give lectures on how to keep a man.

  9. Enter your comment...stella!!! you use to be my role model, what's this? taking away another woman's hubby.. too bad dear


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