Game time! Five quick riddles to test how smart you are :)

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It has been a busy day...let's chill with these riddles and have some fun guys :)


nike ola said...

Number 1 is easy.. Lol A Man or woman

What ( there's no ?mark) so, What is the 5th...

It means, just 3 people(generations) go fishing... Yes grandpa, son and grandson.

The man is the son....

I'm tired can't crack my brain again.. Lol number 4... No idea.

Mimi Love said...

Lol.am waiting for the answers from other readers.

Akpan said...

1. Human na, a baby crawling at morning, adult at noon and old at night so u use walking stick

2. May nah

3. Three generation of people, a granddad, a dad and a son

4. I dont know

5. I dont know

Miss World and franscica shud solve it, they r smart

Anonymous said...

Man, what, three generations of man,will come back to answer 4 and 5

Anonymous said...

Kemi where do you get all these tricky questions from, lol

Sweetheart said...

2. Penny
5.This man is my nephew.

I pass the other three questions to mimi love..lol

Sweetheart said...

**the man

Francisca Samuel said...

*side eye*

Mimi Love said...

Lol.@sweetheart I don't know the answer o.How are you?

Unknown said...

The answer to the last one is that the man is his son

historypak said...

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