Eventually all the people talking down on you will start copying you - COZA Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo replies critics

Earlier today, we put a post on how COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo was being criticized online for his flamboyant lifestyle (HERE). Well, he has now responded.

He posted this on his Instagram page with this caption "People naturally challenge things that go against the norm. Don't let them stop you. Eventually all the people talking down on you eventually start copying you. Don't let 'status quo' limit you. Most of the things that are generally accepted everywhere, were once rejected when they were first invented. Take new territories! Tread where angels dread! Go to terrains you've never been, do something new!
#TakingNewTerritories #DoingNewThings #PB #PastorBiodun #BiodunFatoyinbo"

In another post, he wrote

"Putting God first guarantees that all your needs will be met. Your prosperity depends on who you trust. Psalms 34:10 (b) But those that seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing. Approach the scripture with a pure heart, think about ANY GOOD thing, your service to God has made it available. Your prosperity doesn't depend on the government or the economy, but your trust (absolute reliance in and love) in God.
#GodFirst #PB #BiodunFatoyinbo #PastorBiodun"


  1. It is funny how he can quickly respond to this one yet still keeping mum on the ese walter scandal that happened years ago. It is almost three years now and he is yet to release his robust response as promise, yeye man

  2. Pastor: This year will be your year of success
    Congregation: AMEN
    Pastor: Wave your imaginary car keys and Private Jet keys
    Congregation: Yes Lord.....(waving and dancing)
    Pastor; Put your highest denomination of Naira in your hand, you waving and dance to the front.
    Two years Later, Congregation are still Waving imaginary car keys and private jet keys, while the Pastor is on his third Private Jet.... Business is Moving

    1. This cracked me up badly! hahahahahahaha

  3. Kemi Filani or whatever is your name you are foolish human being he posted those pictures hours before you foolish bloogers started crying because of Gucci bag. I pray the Lord saves your misrable life (Amen)

  4. Nigerians can take panado for another person headache, what is wrong with buy a million naira Gucci bag, it is a crime?

  5. @Anonymous, it's wrong and it's a crime especially when it's coming from a so called pastor who isn't living the exemplary life of Jesus he is preaching.

  6. Why is this anonymous so pained? Guess he/she is a member of his church. True servants of God are to live the exemplary life of Christ Jesus. This man is doing the opposite.

  7. Whatever rocks his boat! In-between, @Anonymous 6 September 2016 at 17:09 comments, LOL.

  8. Why do you people tell lies ? His post was before your own post on all the blogs . Cos you guys are looking for traffic you lied. I saw his IG post before your post . You are shameless

  9. "..let me take you to a higher level of GRACE. "Tlk of talking dirty
    ZUCKERBERG is 6th richest in the world, yet he doesnt do this rubbish. Instead he is trying to make the world a better place.
    I expect by now that we would have highly subsidised hospitals and schools run by church. Payment of very little stipend, atleast pple know that their offerings and tithes r used transparently.
    Whats my own. They dont even want to know.

  10. na dem sabi,after dem don chop full belle


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