Chilling confession of a suspected ‘Witch’ caught in Delta State (photos)

A Facebook user Comr Okiemute Blessing shared these photos and story below:
True life confession!!!

This woman name (with held) was arrested by God early today along Owevwe road, when she was ask where is she coming from,she started confession that she was sent a message from coven to cause misfutne in Owevwe road, and also to capture one Juju along Owevwe road.

In her further confession, she said she have 5 children she has successfully kill 2, she said that she put misunderstanding in one of her son marriage,she said she was the one who stop one of her son who was buying cars from London to sell in Nigeria, she was the one who made customs to seize her sons goods, she collected one of his son Dick in coven.

She was responsible in some accident that recently happened along Owevwe Road.
She also said that she attend GGM and attend prayers in Gods Sabbath mission saniko, that when ever the pastor is praying for the people she hold the prayer on air. That non of his child will progress in life, she also said she have airplane in the spirit world.

This is how God will continue to disgrace them.
More details later tomorrow as she continue!!!

Today, he posted update..Read below;
Continuation of Confession!!!
Yesterday i made a report of a woman confessioning,but her name was not reviled.
But today after much treatment she reviled her name, she is Mrs Janet Ugbaga, she said she come from Agbarha town, she said she sold Ogogoro drink and she infected the drink, after anybody drink it there will be no better life for them.
She said one of their member is selling banga rice in Agbarha and that banga rice is human shit from Coven,” what a wicked world”.
She also said that they are the cause of some major accident in agbarha road that lead to lost of life.
She also said that her son dick that she use in coven will be release for him before on Monday, his son take her home now……… Till Monday. Stay tune.


  1. Ewww! This witch wicked no be small

  2. Anybody who has ever bewitch or tamper with my glory will be exposed confess and put to shame in jesus mighty name amen. In jesus name my lost glory is restored back to me in jesus name amen.hallleluyah. From now my life start to experience glorious grace,peace,blessings and favours from all men in jesus mighty name amen. The blood of jesus is my deliverance and my freedom.amen.

  3. Please can anybody explain to me,is it that as she confessed,will that liberate all her children she held in captives? Please explain. God is great.

  4. Jesus!!!
    The bible says thou shall not suffer a witch to live.


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