You know I love you, but you are approaching life at SNAIL SPEED | An interesting story of how Comedian AY lost an ex-girlfriend to a rich man

Comedian AY today is one of the richest Nigerian comedians and he is happily married with a kid.

He recently clocked 45...(although Wikipedia says he is 38 years old)...and to celebrate him, one of his friends, Uncle Speed, shared this inspiring story of his humble beginning.

It's a throwback story of how the versatile stand up comic cum actor, rose from nothing in his University to become one of the most famous faces in the Entertainment scene.

I know AY!
AY the consistently creative Comedian.
Lately, AY has been enjoying so much enlargement but before you envy his sweet story, let me tell you the sordid side of his story.
It’s the story of a down period in his Campus days. Even though he was industrious and was into Events and Pageants, things weren’t just happening for him.
It got so bad his Ex – the one he was supposed to marry – visited him on a cold Abraka Night.
The Mission? To break a News!
“AY,” she whispered, softly and tenderly, “you know I love you, but you are approaching life at SNAIL SPEED. I can’t go on like this.”
Then she hugged AY. Gave him one last peck. Refrained from the hug. Cat-walked into a waiting SUV. And zoooom… she went.
Apparently, some ‘big men’ had brought her to officially disengage with AY.
It was more agonizing because the same ‘big man’ had offered AY N200,000 so he could break up with his her. And AY had rejected the offer, insisting: “my love is not for sale.”
Now she’s gone. Just like that.
AY wept!
But the show of his bright future must go on. True, he might have been slow. True, he couldn’t approach life faster than he did. And, true, he DID NOT STOP either.
Slowly, he relocated to Lagos but did not stop until he became Alibaba’s PA.
Slowly, he started Open Mic Challenge but did not stop until he discovered great comedy stars.
Slowly, he staged AY Live but did not stop until it became Africa’s Biggest.
Slowly, he rented apartments in Iponri, Aguda, and Ikorodu but he did not stop until he became a Landlord in Lekki.
Slowly, he produced most viewed Comedy Skits on YouTUBE but did not stop until he produced 30 Days In Atlanta – the highest grossing movie in Africa.
It’s not a HYPE. It’s a message!
It does not matter how SLOWLY you go; as long as YOU DO NOT STOP, You will get there.
By Uncle SPEED


  1. Such a humble beginning for Ay. But the lady no try o.

  2. What a story!! Yeah..... it doesn't matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop. I love that. But to be real, that chick was meant to walk... such girls can't add value to your life, they can't motivate you either. I pity those girls waiting for "already made" husbands😂😂😂 sooner or later your husband relatives are gonna come making statements like "where were you when we suffered to make him what he is now?" "Do you have any idea how these cars, money and houses you're enjoying came about?" "You think you can come to reap where you did not sow, you gold digger?" And then you'll just be there like an outdated moron looking😃 Grow with a man, get through life's phases with him, be there by his side while he's gowing, succeeding and making his money - then you earn your repect for life. Even the devil will respect you and stay off your marriage.✌✌✌

  3. Every woman has a man for her ...but unfortunately most women throw that away unknowingly

  4. Every one has his or her own destiny....

  5. hmmmm food for thought

  6. Do not despise the days of little beginning

  7. It does not matter how SLOWLY you go; as long as YOU DO NOT STOP, You will get there....hmmmmn..yea, with God on our side!

  8. It does not matter how SLOWLY you go; as long as YOU DO NOT STOP, You will get there....hmmmmn..yea, with God on our side!

  9. Abeggy stop judging,she pick what she's comfortable with. Its your choice if you want high or low,it doesn't mean she's not doing well in America with kids. Mabel met him with money and fame,sooo did she suffer? Let people be happy with their choices. Didn't Ali baba left Mary many years ago,cus she's not hes standard then? Everybody love comfort.

  10. Story for the gods. Does it mean she didn't find happiness?

  11. nice piece, forget about the love story and look at the advice


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