UNIOSUN lecturer in sex scandal video writes open letter to Nigerians as his wife vows to stand with him! (photos)

Uniosun Lecturer sex scandal
A 34-minute video clip surfaced online recently where a  lecturer at the Department of Languages and Linguistics of the Osun State University, Ikire Campus, Dr. Wale Ojoniyi was alleged to have raped a 400 level English student of the institution, Mercy.

Mercy, who released the video clip, recorded it in a hotel room.

The female student had set up a laptop directly opposite the bed and pretended to be watching the ‘Things Fall Apart’ film on it but she was recording the sexual activity.

“Although there was no act of sexual intercourse captured in the video, the man in the video was seen stark naked and caressing the student occasionally,” PUNCH reported.
In the video, Mercy was seen throwing  her blue top on the bed from an angle she knew the camera could not cover.  She also ensured that the camera lense did not capture her when she  removed her trousers.

PUNCH reports that though the audio quality was low, some of the conversations could still be heard.
The female student said at one point, ‘Give me my transport. I am not asking for any other money, just give me my transport fare’.
‘Why is your thing (private part) dropping like this? Haven’t you done it in recent time?,’ Ojoniyi said.
‘Before I went on suspension, why didn’t you plead on my behalf? You knew about it joo’.
Uniosun Lecturer sex scandal2
Screenshot of the video
Anyway, the lecturer involved has now penned down a letter to Nigerians as regards the case. 
Read his open letter to Nigerians below:

1. I am Olabode Wale OJONIYI, the man in the eyes of the storm of Femi Makinde’s “UNIOSUN lecturer in sex scandal video” published in The Punch of 11th August, 2016.

2. While I have instructed my Lawyers to take appropriate legal steps on the said report in The Punch of yesterday, 11th August, 2016, I am using this medium to inform Nigerians and the whole world that I am ready for an open live television media investigation of the said allegation against me provided that:

a. The said lady in the report Ikwe Ejiro Mercy will be invited and present.
b. Dr. Amao Temitayo Ayanbisi, the woman who collected money from students to alter their grades and contracted their projects out to academic machineries will be invited and present.
i. This is the woman I spearheaded her investigation, who was found guilty by the University on the strength of the evidence I provided and was dismissed from the University.
ii. She is one of the people who gave a contract of blackmailing me to Ikwe Ejiro Mercy.
c. Professor Olukoya Ogen, Provost Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, the man who brought the purported video of me to the University to claim that I am ‘one of the people changing grades for students for sexual gratification will be invited and present’.
i. He is the one who brought two fake SSS to the University…
ii. The one who ran away and refused to honour the University Panel investigating the case when his criminal conspiracy with Dr. Amao T.A to blackmail me was discovered.
d. Professors Alebiosu O. C and Akintayo D. I both of Uniosun who threatened me to drop the case and evidences against Dr. Amao T.A before she was dismissed by the University will be invited and present.
i. They are the main two out of the four people who attempted to force and blackmail me to negotiate a settlement with Dr. Amao T.A and Professor Olukoya Ogen.
ii. They are the ones who vowed that I cannot make any academic progress again if I do not negotiate with Professor Olukoya Ogen and his group of blackmailers.
e. Femi Makinde of The Punch and his alleged Petitioners will be invited and present.
I am here pleading with well-meaning Nigerians and any reputable television media organisation to quickly organise and call for this open media investigation panel on this case.

3.I sincerely look forward to this open panel. Thank you.

Your sincerely,
Olabode Wale OJONIYI, PhD,
Fellow ’15 ACLS/AHP

Meanwhile, his wife says nothing is going to change her love for her husband despite what.


  1. yeye wife, she deserves to be stoned alongside her hubby

    1. I kinda feel sorry for the wife. She's trying to give d impression of unwavering support for her husby but deep down, her émotions will be raging like a hurricane.

  2. i cant wait to read how this case ends to know who the liar is

  3. Kemi, Her statement was referred to Jesus, not the man. If she was referring to the man in her sentence, it would read, , Olabode Wale OJONIY, dear Husband or some other related title or something else, but the person she referred to in her sentence is Jesus, hence the Jesus, you are Lord. Nothing gonna change my Love for you. Soulmate for life, Together for ever through it all

  4. She is still in shock. And ad HD is trying to convince us, he has brainwashed her for now. Set up or not, I like this. You lecturers should leave the students alone. Period.

    Whether you were setup or not, why we're you naked with a student? Stupid man. I really hope you lose your job.

  5. it could be a set-up by those He exposed for changing students result cos the video did not reveal the face of Bode Ojoniyi.


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