She collects your money and blocks you! Beware of the Instagram fraudster, Azharas Boutique

If you are one of those that enjoys shopping on Instagram, beware of the store that is called Azharas Boutique!

A KFBer reported this disappointing News to us.

So my colleague Nancy had her birthday on the 18th of August 2016. Her friend in Benin had asked her to pick an item on the Azharas boutique page on Tuesday 16th of August 2016.

Luckily, my Nancy was not greedy and she picked a sandal of N4,000, then sent the picture to her friend. She began talking to the Azharas boutique representative and she insisted that the item must be paid for upfront. 

Well, the payment was made immediately into a Diamond bank account of one Azharas Mohammed and she confirmed payment immediately and was supposed to be delivered 2 days after, on Nancy’s birthday.

As of now, the item has only not been delivered, but Azharas boutique has blocked her on Instagram and refused to pick her calls and that of any other that brings up the issues. 

There’s been investigations here and there and she is notorious for duping people. She either not deliver all of your items or not bother at all.

This girl needs to be stopped. It is really not about the N4,000, but that she has been in this since 2011. 

Please find attached evidences KFB.

A scammed online user posted this on the 2nd of August

Another scammed victim

A chat with the scammer
A chat with the scammer, Azharas boutique

Chat continues
Another scammed victim cries out

Another scammed victim

Another chat

Guys, spread the word and be careful when you shop online...that is why it is always advisable to pay on delivery even when you have to order stuffs online!


  1. I don't even like online shopping sef...

  2. My dear...she duped me of 20k o.....i felt stupid en....kai....but she can eat all my problems...n yes she blocked me too

  3. Am not comfortable with online shopping. I pray she gets caught

  4. She has tarnished her image for commiting that act

  5. @KFB, thanks 4 d timely advice!

  6. Na wa o, she would be caught soonest, next time please opt for pay on delivery!

  7. I operate an online shop too, and most times i advice my customers to have a personal relationship with me, i become very close to them,even to the extent that i know them and their family so well and i dont dupe people, and i also do pay before you get the goods cos sometimes i send good worth over 100 and i still collect part payment not all of us are bad people please.

  8. nawah ooooo,sum people will never cease 4m being dubious,i do online shopping a lot but i always opt for pay on delivery

  9. i cannot buy anything on line and pay before i get my goods, people should be wise.

  10. stupid woman, stupid stupid woman

  11. Diamond Bank must react. They are also part of it. If people are complaining abt a fraudster with an account in a bank. It shd b investigated and voiced out. Anyway a time wil come tht Nigerians wil separate themselves from fraud aided banks.When they don't talk, they are covering them. And soon!

  12. Thanks kemi for this post, i almost paid in N17, 000 last night to this people for some dresses i loved on their page but my online banking didn't go through. Would have sent it this morning to them until i saw this post, you just saved me from been duped. Gosh may God punish them.

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  14. Chai!!!! I wish I saw this post last week before I made a payment of 6100 into her account on Friday for a pair of sandals. She blocked me and yes she is not picking her calls. I sell on IG and has never done this to any of my customers. I wonder why she hasnt been caught. What can we do to kick this fraudster out of biz???


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