#SaveMayowa Don't worry if people don't like you | Linda Ikeji replies critics

So after blogger Linda Ikeji broke the alleged scam story revolving around the #SaveMayowa campaign, many Nigerians criticized her for not being sensitive enough.

Well she has replied.

Hours ago, she posted some new photos of herself on Instagram with the caption:

"Don't worry if people don't like you! Most people are struggling to like themselves anyway 😊 #LindaUpclose 😍😍'Sometimes God will put Goliath(s) in your life for you to find the David within you.' - I am thankful for all the Goliath(s)in my life...may you increase so I can keep getting better 💪✌. #LIM. "


  1. KemiFilani leave LindaIkeji alone. I like ur site but am pissed off each time u beef her. Am sure u wanna be like her so pls stop beefing

    1. When bloggers report stories about Linda,Y'all call it beef but you keep forgetting that every good blogger is suppose to report any news that come their way. Do you thibk Linda wont write news about Kemi if her news comes her way. Biko, pls let Kemi, Stella, LL be o

  2. LINDA brought the mega hate upon herself.
    she is now crying.
    Every action you take has a consequence. It took people long to hate her. People liked her before, but gradually when she did not relent from her bragging, people totally hate her now.

    no be today she start to boast. e don tey. people actually tolerated her for long. How many better people with correct pedigree do you see bragging the way she does?

  3. Linda pride comes before a fall

  4. People are just so evious smh

  5. Linda Linda Linda!!! e don do abeg!

  6. The truth actually is the haters knows they love her deep down

    1. The haters are the one making her... They hate her yet they can't count how many times they open her blog in a day... Lol...I don't care all I need is to read news.


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