Only God could have done this! My son fell inside a soakaway pit

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May all those who hear my testimony join me to praise the Lord. If not for God where and what would l have been- a distraught man? With a family in avoidable sorrow......?
All glory be to the Almighty God Whose mercy upon the family is great.
How much can we give HIM to say thank You, Lord?
I am still  dreaming. So it seems  till today.
My birthday was four days away in the first week in August. And it happened!
My son, a boy of 5year old, was playing around my office. I was busy inside when l heard screams and shouts of Help ,Help.
I rushed out to see what was going on.
My son had fallen inside a soakaway pit.

How come? Pandemonium everywhere. People gathered around trying to pull him out.
I saw God at work.
The place was covered and cemented, though it had been in use for long.
The boy was jumping on it while playing; and it caved in taking the boy alongside.
When we got to the mouth of the soakaway , the boy and the whole covering had gone down. He had already been swallowed up to his neck place.
He was only being held up, l want to say, anchored,( God's Word) by one small thing - a nail- like, on the wall of the pit.
This is the Lord's doing and it was marvelous, very marvelous in our eyes.
What more could l have asked God for on my birthday? But the gift of life!
HE removed tears from our eyes
HE replaced sorrow with joy and songs of praise to HIM alone.
I could still not believe it that a soakaway pit could give way with just some jumping of a 5year old boy.

I could  still not believe it that my son could come out of it alive with the way he was found and brought out.
My soul does magnify the Lord and my spirit  praise HIS name. For the power of the pit could not hold my son captive, even when he was there surrounded  and almost covered up by what-have-you in the pit.
I bless His name and forever, HE will be my God


  1. May all glory be ascribed unto God

  2. Awwwwww...God is faithful! Halleuyah!

  3. God is awesome. My own testimony is loading. ....

  4. Kabiesi Olodumare, eru ogo re ba mi! God be praised!


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