Only God could have done this! I was unemployed for some time...

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I want to bless the Lord for the privilege to testify to HIS goodness in my life.
I was unemployed for some time. Things were tough. I knew God had to come to my aid. I joined the people of God that gathered for a prayer meeting because grace, as l learnt, exists in corporate prayers.
Truly,GOD heard me and answered!

I got a job at the middle of the month. So, l was not expecting a full month salary. But l was paid in full. I thought it was a mistake, l therefore went to the accounts department to inform them of this. Only to be told it was not a mistake.
Despite my condition, l decided to give God all of it as my Firstfruit offering. HE made it happened - getting me the job and the 'double' amount l was paid.
A personal offering that was not influenced by anyone!
Some  months later, there was some reshuffle in my place of work.

We were three in my department. One was sacked and another was demoted.
I want to appreciate the God Almighty Who spared me.
Not only was l retained, l was also promoted  and was asked to head a department. Great surprise!
This GOD is awesome!
HE is faithful. I bless HIS Holy name.


  1. I tap into the anointing of promtion, it will not pass me by this year.

  2. Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God, he is forever faithful.


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