Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries Church fondly called MFM was founded by Daniel Kolawole Olukoya in his living room during a prayer meeting in 1989. MFM is known and could be described as a “do-it-yourself gospel ministry, where your hands are trained to wage spiritual war and your fingers to do the battle.”

 The Militant tone is reflected throughout the teachings of MFM, where it calls upon members to become aggressive Christians and some of the groups founded by MFM are wont to call on members to become aggressive Christians, which even reflects in their names.
The Prayer Warriors, the Territorial Intercessors and God’s Violent Army. All women are required to wear skirts and head covers in MFM. Prayers tend to be repetitious of faith-based claims, spiritual decrees and commanding prayers, often taken directly from the scriptures and proclaim that safety lies with Jesus Christ. This same church, MFM, is known worldwide for opposing witchcraft, and is known in the North America and the United Kingdom for its stand on the evil practice.

Last week, at the MFM headquarters along, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State, the General Overseer in a sermon entitled: “Inside the Cage of Lying Prophet “revealed some key secrets to know a fake Prophet. He said that many fake Prophets were in the street, on the television and on radio today. When you see someone from nowhere or someone just appears from nowhere, when you can’t identify the church where he got born again and you cannot even trace his roots to any church, then you should be very, very careful to associate with such a “man of God.”

Dr. Olukoya said, the major reason these people have large followers is the inability of people to pray.  He said in the end of the world, according to Mathew 24 verse 11, “And many false prophets will arise and shall deceive many, while the verse 24 of the same chapter says, “For there shall arise false Christians, and false prophets, who shall show great signs and wonders. In so much that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Dr. Olukoya said, many of these things were now happening in Nigeria, and many signs and wonders we see in Nigeria now are sings of disobedience. G.O as he is fondly called went further to back his points with Ezekiel 14 verse 9 which says, “And if the prophet be deceived when he hath spoken a thing, I, the Lord, has deceived that prophet, and I will stretch out my hand upon him, and will destroy him from the midst of the people of Israel .”

This is one of the key notes of the sermon. He said that a prophet is a man who loves God. A prophet is the oracle of God. “They are to correct us.” They are the mouth piece of God. They always see in the spirit. Prophets are the spokesmen of God. They are role models. They have a very close relationship with God. Not a prophet who boasts of having many wives.
The same fake prophets are the same sleeping in hotel with the wives of church members. Dr. Olukoya revealed that witch doctors are now being rebranded to lead churches. These men are always in suits and they see visions. They speak strange languages that is very uncommon and they called it “Speaking in Tongue.” He buttressed his points with an illustration of how a girl who has been begging  God for a child went to one of the fake prophets fear assistance. The man asked her to sleep with him in a cemetery and the lady slept with him on a grave.
But the woman saw a padlock in his hand when she was having sex with him, and the padlock was locked during the ejaculation and since then, the woman womb was blocked. Another fake prophet told  someone to come to Nigeria, that he must have sex with her before she could prosper. Dr. Olukoya then asked the  congregation that how could a man ask his church members to deposit water in bottles in the church for seven days?
Pastors now ask member to carry snake(s) in the church and where was it written that Christians must wear yellow garment to church in the Bible? Where was it written that you must incise your body? Where was it written in the Bible that Pastors must prepare herbal concoctions and ask church members to drink?
The great man of God (Dr. Olukoya) reiterated that if you saw anybody who could trace his roots or you cannot trace his roots to any spiritually reputable church, be sure he is a false prophet. These people, (fake Prophets) now preach the loves of God rather than go deeply and preach to their members the reality of hell fire.
A false prophet tell people what they want to hear. Example of this is: a certain man stopped coming to church and when the fake Pastor saw him and asked why he’s not been coming to church. The man said that the man of God (Daddy 70) always critised him that he had not been a righteous man.
The second point to identify a false Prophet is: Such a Prophet usually expresses extra Biblical illiteracy. He tells the people what was not written in the Bible. They say “hix hax” to cajole people, God said this, God said that.
These people are always seen vibrating, while preaching. (sometimes ago, according to Daddy GO, a group of young men came to him, they were all in suits wearing long beards. They said they were sent from a reputable man of God that, Dr. Olukoya must not and should stop praying for any HIV- infected person. That Dr. Olukoya cures HIV that he should henceforth send such patients to their man of God.
The  third point, according to Dr. Olukoya is,  some fake Prophets preach the world to people. They tell members of their church what was never written in the Bible.