Man who named his dog Buhari talks about his experience in prison + Presidency reacts his arrest

Joachin Iroko, the man who named his dog Buhari  spoke with newsmen shortly after he left the prison ward in Abeokuta, describing his experience as good and educative. When asked how he felt after leaving the prison yard, he said: 
“I am so happy. It is a joy to me. I have missed my family; that was most painful. “Prison is a place to experienced in one’s life. It is like a rehabilitation home: you learn many things there and there are many people you may not have the opportunity to talk to. “But in prison, you will sit down with them and discuss. There are many things you take for granted, but when you go to prison you know there is law. “The only thing I am regretting about my coming to prison is the intimidation from the Hausa community. Going to prison is a golden moment for me.”  
 Explaining why he named his dog Buhari, he said:
“As a matter of fact, they misunderstood me. I have three dogs: one bears Obama, one bears Joe, an abbreviation of my name. The third is named Buhari. “I named these dogs after my role models. My late dog was named after Nelson Mandela. I don’t just give any name to my dogs. I give reputable names to my dogs. It is love I have for Buhari; he is my role model. “Buhari is not the President of the North. He is the President of Nigeria. I see no reason why Northerners should intimidate me: Nigeria is one. “I see no reason why they will be intimidating me. It is my right to name my dog any name. “Thank God, I have regained my freedom. The most painful thing is the way they treated my dog. I am not happy that they killed my dog, while I was in detention. “It is my dog, it is my pet. I love my dogs. They have no right to kill my dog. “Nigerians should know that there are other dogs in other areas that bear Jack as name. Why is Buhari so special. It is a name that has been existing for several years.”
 Matters took a funny twist when Iroko was stranded after he was released, as he did not have
transport fare to go to his Sango residence.
Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari's official spokesman Garba Shehu in a series of tweets has explained that president Buahri isn't concerned or behind the arrest of the trader.
This comes after Joachin  finally met his bail condition and was released.
He wrote...
I am thinking of saying, using my own handle that people linking the President to this dog incident are just displaying their ignorance of the type of person he is.
He enjoys cartoons and likes sharing them. The ones he enjoys the most are those that caricature him. It is cheap and sensational to say he can order a police action against a caricature. When he picks a paper, the first page he reaches for is the cartoon page. He laughs and laughs.
The President must be having a good laugh over this whole thing.
People should listen to the real story behind this dog incident and to not waste precious time seeking the hand of the President in a laughable incident!



  1. Noted either treated fairly or not we all will leave this earth one day n give accounts my take though kemi gud job.

  2. I still think his arrest was totally uncalled for

  3. In all, we must be good neighbors.We should be mindful of what will upset our neighbors. Such actions might be pleasing to us but would be interpreted .Let him also think what they ( the neighbors) could do that he would not take kindly to


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