KFB's Heart-2-Heart! Is it good for a single lady to live with family, friends or alone till she gets married?

Just so you know we are adhering to your recommendation, we are kicking off our very first heart-2-heart column where readers get to send in issues and personal experiences that they seek answers to. We actually started something like this last year (HERE) but we weren't regular with it.

Anyway, here's today issue!

I have been pondering on this issue since I woke up this morning, 

I have my family from Lagos around for the holiday and they have destroyed some things already and some things are no longer they used to be 😂😂😂😱 but hey I still love having them around 😜😜😜.

I have lived with my uncle before for like 4years from when I came to Abuja, but I didn't really enjoy it. But I didn't know what I was missing till they moved out. Mehn God bless our parents 😩😩😩😩😩😘😘😘😘 All the bills they pay and all the love and free food..😄😄😄

Then I started living with my friends...its was fun but you know everyone will still have their differences. But I still love them still 😍😘😍😍😍😍😍😰😰😰😰

Finally, I started living alone. Hmmmm, it wasn't so nice at the beginning but I got used to it, I got so used to it that I over loved it sef, the independence, the fact that I knew what was out and what was in, etc. 

But now that's the danger I felt I was falling into...."I got so used to it that I started imaging what it would be like when married?!" "Mehn, when I will squeeze toothpaste from the bottom and he squeezes it from the middle, I can nearly kill someone for that", "I pay my bills myself and even call mechanic to fix my car" All By MySELF. 

Now this is it, I have gone through the three faces, and I am getting too used to the worst of them all (in my opinion).
This is my question, "Is it good for a Single Lady to:
1. Live with family till she gets married
2. Live with friends till she gets married
3. Live alone till she gets married.

Your opinions please. Will really appreciate it.


  1. To me, i will go with to Live with friends till she gets married because when you are with your friends is as if you are more exposed to life and you can take decision on your own, you also learn along the way compared to when you are still staying with your family... the difference is really clear.

  2. in my opinion live wit family til she gets married cuz it wil also help in her matrimonial home

  3. In my opinion, it's ideal a lady lives in her parent's house till she gets married if it's convenient esp if you live in Nigeria. The average Nigerian's line of thought when he/she sees a single lady living alone is she can have friends(male) over easily, keep late nights and all.

    It's really not a bad idea to live alone but considering our kinda environment, it's just best to stay at your parent's if you can.

  4. It depends,if you are not bothered at home concerning 'go n marry noise' you can stay home n be happy. You can also stay alone if(1) you're tired of seeing same people,environment,disrespect among siblings or privacy if you are safe. But please don't ever try staying with friends,you can't trust people,cus if u r broke they will know,please for peace sake don't try staying with a friend n don't allow friends stay more than weekends. Keep ur distance.

  5. Anyone you want to my dear.. Miss your life but I will prefer to stay alone till I get married...

  6. Anyone you want to my dear.. Miss it's your life but I will prefer to stay alone till I get married...

  7. everyone needs some alone time at some point in life. leaving with your family and friends can't sometimes guarantee that. I would opt for a single lady to lave alone most of the time as this will help you to set your life straight.

  8. It depends on some factors like Schooling (location), Workplace location among others but from my own perspective o I will stick with (1) Live with family till she gets married OR (3) Live alone till she gets married. Live with family in this context connote immediate family (nuclear family) not extended family.

  9. First of, I really don't like the idea of single ladies living alone. But I think it all depends on what each one wants. Some alone, some with friends, but I prefer single ladies living with family before marriage.

    Can't wait to see the ladies comments.

  10. It depends on some factors e.g work.If the lady work location is different from where her family resides then she has no option but to go with either 2 or 3 option. For me it is either 1 or 3.The option one has to be immediate family. Trust me staying with extended family is not easy at all.I have been there once I had to endure till I left on my own even when it was against their wish.

  11. life is all about choice, i stay alone, from the days of my uni till now i stay alone, just recently my sister stared staying with me, i talk and talk and got angry cos he does not tell me when things finish on time till i want to make use of them, i got tired of her i do not attitude and just over look her. i still pay the bills, care for both of us and send some funds to my parents on daily basis, am getting married at the end of the year, all i need to do is to adjust to some certain things once am married to be able to fit into the life am already use to, if i can tolerate my sister and adjust to certain things then i can adjust to being with hubby.

    Which ever one you decide to do just do it well and earn your respect, to be being alone is the cheapest and sweetest cos i talk less, and spend less, but some times the loneliness is not here oh! if you marry you must adjust to some many things, just have it at the back of your mind to adjust to things you do not like cos you both must tolerate each other else your marriage will not last.

  12. For me, along as you are done with schooling, and you are working, i will definitely go with leaving with family until you get married. Living alone isnt a bad idea but with our society today, i will chose to be with my family, anytime and day, they allow me have my own hanging out time with the girls too but all is restricted too. but staying with them serves all i want till Mr right comes calling.

  13. I know an uncle that can never marry any single woman that is not living with her parents. He will say "A woman shud be in her father's house and move to her husband's house"

  14. There are some factors to be considered but based on the situations sighted in the narration I would say, staying with family seems appropriate.

  15. well...i prefer living alone till i get married...buh due to some cultural reasons it is better to stay with ur parents before marriage...if u can put up with ur parents and siblings tantrums while living with them...then u can live with ur in laws without any wahala.... my opinion thi


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