KFB's Heart-2-Heart! He Wants To Leave After Several Abortions, I Would Rather Kill The Both Of Us"- Lady

This lady shared her story on Nairaland and sought for help...kfbers, what do you think she should do?

I am done for, my boyfriend just told me this morning its over that his mother doesn’t want him to marry me, I think he’s mad, he must be after several abortions in fact he’s very stupid, what should I do? I’d rather kill myself or kill us both.

Its five years and he just realizes he doesn’t want to marry me, how can people be this callous, whenever I got pregnant he would cajole me to abort it, saying it wasn’t the right time and things were not great for him financially, I just did another abortion two months ago now he doesn’t want to marry me anymore, I feel used and suicidal, I won’t go silently.


  1. Hhhmmmnnnnnnn

    This is so deep

    I don't even know what to say

    This one pass me

    1. Did he promise to marry you where you were dating? You were stupidly in love and forget to spell out the terms. It's ur cross. carry it. I'm sorry but I have no sympathy for these kinds of sob stories. The lady is just as guilty as the guy.

  2. She should give her life to Jesus Christ.He alone can help her out of this.

  3. So after the first abortion you didn't have a change of heart to do things Gods way?? I mean a brain that told you this is wrong and must not happen again. 5 times?? sorry you did it for him ?? I believe it was your body and you made decisions so you did it for yourself. Carry yourself and your baggages to Calvary now and interceed for a new beginning, true repentance. You want the 7 number of perfection for the most stupid reasons 7 murders and then get a special vip section in hell. Wake up and sprint to Calvary

  4. No matter how far one might have gone in d wrong direction, one can always make a u-turn back to God. God is always a God of second chance!

  5. Warrisdis? You had several abortions? Smh like seriously? Did you think having an abortion for him would turn you to Mrs. automatically. You had first abortion, you didn't know you were suppose to protect yourself if you can't abstain? You laid your bed so you lay on it. You better repent and move on. If you kill yourself or both of you, it won't change anything. Repent and turn your life around. It is well with you.

  6. Dearies have said it all, repent and turn to Jesus, He'll give you a new beginning.

  7. Cast a spell on him to make his life miserable then u can now give your life to Christ. That guy is so heartless but i blame you more

  8. Most ladies in this country mumu pass buhari; after 500 abortions? Why won't he drop you?

    Listen to me, that dude is going to drop you and there's nothing you can do to cease that . You kill him; you rot in jail; you kill yourself; that's your own cup of tea.

    The rest won't learn from this now! Awon akindindinrin

  9. A man who ask you to abort will never marry you. Its a done deal. If he marries you he will throw you out . Because he doesnt trust you. I once said this thing no dey finish . Girls if it isn't working step out. Stop given Kitty-Cat waiting for years

  10. You continued aborting even after the first. He didn't put a gun to your head, neither did he force you, you consented to it. From your write up, i don't think there was any form of agreement to get married between you two, so he doesn't owe you anything my dear. He can choose to leave which he has done. You were stupidly in love and sorry it ended this way. The earlier you put yourself together, the better for you. Find a way to move on! Killing yourself, him, is not an option.

  11. sum lady acts stupidly n call it love,luv my foot......babe its ur life,ur body n u av choose how to go about it,d guy owe u notin cuz he had promised u marriage it wudnt av ended dis way


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