KFB's Today in court: 'My husband borrowed everything he used to entice and marry me'- Wife begs to end 13 year old marriage

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Mrs. Taiye Husu, a middle age mother of one is pleading a grade B customary court Oto-Ijanikin to dissolve her 13 year old marriage to Mr. Francis Husu.

The man she met 14 years ago was according to her living a fake and an imaginary life.

Mrs. Taiye Husu filed for the dissolution of her 14 year old marriage to estranged husband on the grounds of frequent fighting, lack of care, irresponsibility, deceit and has no more love to sustain the trembling union.

Giving her evidence, she narrated to the court where Kemi Filani Blog was a witness, that her awful experience in the hands of the man she called her husband.

According to her, she was actually deceived into the marriage; she fell for his deceit and married him against her parent’s wish, now she is made to bear the consequences of her stubbornness.

“I met Francis 14 years ago, shortly after that, I got pregnant for him. Then we got engaged much later against my parents wish. They had insinuated that Francis was no good to me and that he would in a short run display his true self. I blatantly ignored them and went ahead to move in with him.

Few months later, I realized that, he was a jobless man and all he used to charm me them was actually make-believe. He borrowed virtually all the things he used to entice me and I fell cheaply to his benevolence and enticement. His friends took back all they gave him after we got married,” she recalled.

Worsening it all, Taiye said he took advantage of the fact that her parents were not in support of their union to maltreat her, making her fend for herself and the only child of the union.

Even in the days of her pregnancy, Francis never spares his rod; as he also callously hit her under such pitiable condition.

“At any slightest provocation, he would beat me like a slave. He never takes me for a wife, instead he melts on sorts of pains and abuses on me.

I decided to bear all the consequences of my deaf ears to my parents warning, and endure anything that comes out of the marriage. But it got so worsened after I gave birth to the only child of the union. Although it took us over 11 years to have a child, but I had also thought that he birth of the innocent child would curtail his father’s excesses.

It got to a deadly point, I knew that my life and that of our 1-year old baby was at risk, so I took off and ran away from our matrimonial home.

If I had thought that my leaving the house for him would solve the problem, I goofed, because he had never ceased harassing, molesting and intimidating me anywhere he sight me. That was the main reason that dragged me to court, so I could sever this ridiculous union and gain back my freedom and right to live,” she pleaded.

Meanwhile after all the court summons and notices that has been sent to the respondent to the suit, he adamantly refused to honor it to either confirm or refute all the allegations leveled against him by his estranged wife.

Consequently, the members of the court, headed by Chief S.K Hussien had no other option than to dissolve the 14-year old union based on the evidence and pleas of the petitioner.

The court also ordered that the respondent should provide a substantial amount of money for the upkeep of his tender child and stay from further harassing and molesting his ex-wife or face the law for contempt of the court.


  1. end time marriage,listen to ur parents n let him do d needful on u b4 u move in wit him bt alot of ladies wont listen,dnt open ur legs for him first bt instead use ur eyes to see n ur brain.

  2. After 14 years? God have mercy.

  3. She was blinded by lust. She should have listened to her parents.

  4. This is always d end of anyone whose main focus in relationship is love of material things & money.

  5. When you too materialistic...

  6. When you're too materialistic...


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