KFB in court: 'He makes love to his mistress in my presence, because i am not good in bed'- Wife | 'She beat up my mother'- Hubby

Ten years ago, Akeem Okin, a secondary school teacher impregnated his then 15-year-old student Adijat who was in JSS3. 

Consequently he took her in and they started living as man and wife and soon became parents to three children. 

Now their life has turned full cycle as the couple recently went to court seeking for a legal dissolution of their union. 

The husband  filled for the dissolution of their 10 years old union at a Grade A Customary Court, Ojo, Lagos. 

Okin, now a local government staff filed for divorce on the ground that his wife who had been cohabitating with him after he impregnated her had become a pain in his neck with her penchant for quarrels, street fights and lack of respect.

While arguing his case in court, the diminutive father of three accused his wife of being an aggressive troublemaker. “This woman is very stubborn, highly disrespectful and wicked. I met her 10 years ago. One thing led to another and she took in for me. I took responsibility after she gave birth and accepted that the baby was mine. But I never knew that that decision I took was the beginning of my woes. As soon as Adijat moved into my house, she became aggressive and fomented trouble not only with me but also against my family, friends and neighbors. It has become too much for me to bear,” he asserted.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back, Okin asserted was when his wife fought a female friend of his at his father’s house and during the scuffle also beat up his mother who had come to broker peace between the warring parties. 

As if that wasn’t enough, “she also waylaid the same woman on her way home and gave her the beating of her life. It took the intervention of police officers who were patrolling the neigbourhood to rescue the other woman from her grasp,” the court heard from him. 

The husband subsequently asked the court to peacefully dissolve their 10-year-old union and grant him the custody of the children for proper fatherly care.

Countering the allegations leveled against her, the 25-year-old mother of three couldn’t hold back her tears as she repeatedly lamented in Yoruba language, “Oti ba aiye mi je’ (he has ruined my life). Adijat also narrated her own side of the story.

“We met when i was still in junior secondary school. He was a teacher then. After he got me pregnant, he abandoned me to my fate. My parents too rejected me. I survived only by the grace of God. After I gave birth to the baby, he came back to look for me. We started living together. 
All he did was to present himself to my parents as the father of the baby. However, all my efforts to make him pay my bride price proved abortive. He kept telling me that his parents are against our union and he wouldn’t want to disobey them and marry an illiterate.”

The beleaguered woman opened a can of worms on her hubby. “Akeem is a non-repentant woman beater and he often beat me till I bleed to coma. Because of the incessant violence, I had in the past lost three pregnancies. That aside, he had brought different women home and had sex with them on our matrimonial bed, even while I was around. When I confronted him, he claimed I am not good in bed, yet he had impregnated me six times.”

She complained further: “Akeem is accusing me of lack of care but he hardly eats my food because he gallivants with other women, taking them out to various eateries only for him come back home and descends on me.”

Meanwhile, the visibly embittered woman vowed never to let her estranged hubby have peace, if he succeeded in severing their long-time relationship.

“I don’t mind him taking in as many women as he wants but I have to remain by his side for life. He can’t push me use and dump like a piece of trash. I was very young and innocent when he met me, now aside the fact that I am a mother of three, I have a hearing problem due to his animalistic beatings.

After listening to the pleas of both parties, the court deemed it fit to dissolve the union and ordered the husband who filed for divorce to pay his wife the sum of N200, 000.


  1. Watin 200k wan do for d woman life na....

  2. Me i am just amazed at how she has finished giving birth to all her kids at just 25 and me i am close to thirty with no husband material in sight yet.

  3. All these judges that always settle all these funny cases sef, have time.

  4. This is what you get when you start having sex at the tender age of 15, pele woman

  5. only 200K? na wah o after wasting 10years of her life!!! its well

  6. So she lost 10yrs of her life to 200k,she lost her youth hood, her education n nw has a health issue n all dey Van say is pay her 200k???? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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