If you don't face a challenge in the things you are doing, how do you know the value of what you have | Stella Damasus-Ademinokan doesn't give a damn about what people think about her

For sometime now, actress and mum of two, Stella Damasus has been in the News for one thing or the other and each time, there are always commenters who have negative things to say about her and especially her affair with Daniel Ademinokan, who happens to be the ex-husband of Doris Simeon.

Well she just posted this message below:

So my cousin sent me a message and told me how unhappy and sad she was to see horrible comments from people who don't even know me or know my story. All they know is what they have heard or read from others who wrote or talked based on what they also read or heard. 

My first response was "😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂". The truth is that I am loving it all. If you don't face a challenge in the things you are doing, how do you know the value of what you have? I am very happy to face it all because I have always loved challenges. It helps me stay strong and determined to WIN WIN WIN. 

Another reason I am loving it is that for the first time in a long time I have seen more comments than ever. So all the brands I am looking to do business with have finally looked at my analytics and now they want to do more business with me. When life throws you a curve ball, you better catch it and score the best goal. So thanks to everyone who has made this possible. I love you all. If you can't control yourself please keep it coming, I need it for business. It is such a sweet thing to use your HATERS to make some QUICK MONEY. #business #class101 #learnmoneymaking #socialmedia #trolls #stelladamasus #tgif #atl #america #african #woman #bosslady


  1. Wait for God of karma, why did you run to America. Of cause he will help you to take care of girls. I pity your girls, they will surely pay for it.

    1. She is a mad woman nah. Always defending herself yet she says she doesn't care. Daniel had better be worth this whole stress.

  2. Voice of human is voice of God. Where is ini Edo today, leave another woman husband jezebel

  3. fool,auntie oponu..................law of karma cumin on ur children sooner dan u expect thank God dey r both girls,he go pass tears for u.shameless old cargo

  4. You will think you are enjoying now and a winner, those who are praising you will not be there when you will be bitting the fingers. Where is Ini Edo today. oloriburuku somebody. why running to america if you are truly sure of yourself.

  5. Stella Damascus, I don't know why you are coursing problems for the innocent girls (your children). You should be ashamed by now, the bible said what God has joined together let no man put asunder, there is punishment for anyone that put asunder in somebody's marriage. Live Daniel alone to go back to his wife.

  6. This her message is hidden, if wants haters attention and more endorsement then she should come out straight and stop talking roundabout, or better still call a press conference instead of all these

  7. It's getting to her short and simple. I'm making money is just a smokescreen and a roundabout way of saying im hurting, there's already too much self defence going on here. Read between the lines. Those who shout the loudest saying I don't care, cares the most. She rather hope she's loved, however, no one loves a Jezebel or the term people use - "husband snatcher".

    There's money making and there's money making and after money making its still money making. So shut up and crawl into a hole please. Those you say are interested in doing business with you are only set out to use you, you and only you continue to carry the name you have created for yourself. You are already telling the world how unhappy you are, if not why give two ticks to those you deemed "haters"?.

    Egba ti won if na Iyale o mbe lori aja! Enjoy him for now. We are watching in 4G. He has a history and you have a history so match made from the pits of hell?


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