"I saw the signs but I ignored them" - Domestic violence survivor shares her ordeal | Hubby also tells his side of the story

A battered woman, Tina Michelle Obiora, who left her husband because of his violence has shared her story on Facebook. She admits the man showed signs of being a woman beater before she married him, but blinded by love, she ignored the signs and went ahead to marry him.

Read the full story below:

on the left, Tina just shortly before delivering her baby
This is the hubby's wife reaction!

he accused has however come out to say he won't respond to the allegations, instead, he thanked the Lagos State government for giving him a fair hearing. .
In the post, Obiora had said: "So I went to see my daughter (3 years old) yesterday in her fathers house and he beat me up because she wanted to follow me home and I insisted on taking her home. .
I had dropped her with him a week ago because she was crying to be with him. My clothes were torn. My daughter was turn between 2 pple she loves, she was confused. My heart broke for her. I hope she forgives us for bringing her into our mess. .
Worst of all, after that, he called the police on me. He wanted them to lock me up, that I am a treat to his life. Nnamdi Chris has always been sad that I stood back in life after we seperated and took care of our daughter with none to little contribution from him, he has always wanted me to crawl on my feet and beg for suckor from him.
I am heartbroken, for the mistakes I made by chosen a perpetual woman beater as a husband. I wish Nigerian government would sit up and stop this mess. I wish I could turn back the hands of time, because I saw this signs and overlooked them (Smokes hemp, clubs, drinks, party hard and womanizes alot).
Chris, thank you for making my life miserable at an early age of 21 when I married you. That girl you are dragging with me, I almost lost her and my life after you finished beating me a week toher delivered through CS, after 12 hours of labour.
Even during pregnancy, you called me names and claimed she wasn't your child, buh unfortunately for you she looked like your mum. I hope you don't feed her with lies about me when she grows up.
Its obvious that you haven't changed even after I decided to part ways with you 2years ago, after you finished designing my body with a pen knife. It took me 3 years to summon courage to write this. I'm tired of staying silent and dying in pain."


  1. *Shaking my adorable head*

    "She admits the man showed signs of being a woman beater before she married him, but blinded by love, she ignored the signs and went ahead to marry him."

    She must be daft, stupid and senseless!

    You saw hell fire & u still carry your two legs waka go inside *raised eyebrow* who does that?

    1. I wonder too... Some people just want to be Mrs. at all cost! Ladies love with your head and heart, don't think he's going to change after marriage. I pity the child.

  2. Please go n take ur child, especially in this age of fathers (or neighbours) raping daughters. Since u said, hw takes indian hemp and clubs alot.

  3. Aww. I feel her pain. She learnt her lessons the hard way.

  4. hmmmmmmmm....it is well,LORD please lead the single ladies to choose rightly n d married to stay through ijn

  5. The signs were there, yet you went ahead


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