I have been told that there is no cure for my condition and I would have to take drugs for 15 years | Lady shares emotional story of how God has seen her through her 'Status Epilepticus' condition

 Just found this instagram page, Myunfilteredng where peeps share different stories.... Some are pretty. Others are raw, painful and brutally honest. And not every story has a happy ending but many of the stories of faith will inspire you and help you along this journey called life.
It all started on the 30th of October, 2010. I had my first seizure in my 1st year of University (100 level). I started convulsing and was rushed to the hospital but the doctors didn’t know what to do because they hadn’t seen anything like it. I had seizures 17 times in 5 minutes.

Normally anyone that does that should go into a coma, but I kept going on and on. I was taken to Lifeline hospital at Surulere and was admitted for 5 days. I had one of the most painful procedures in the world, a lumbar puncture – where a 4 to 5-foot syringe is injected down your spine. It was extremely painful. I did the procedure 2ce. Fluid was taken from my spine and nothing was seen. I did an MRI scan and a CT scan; nothing was found. Then I got transferred to Lagoon Hospital. This happened close to my 18th birthday. When I started getting better I had memory loss. I didn’t know who my mum was or anyone else. I became a vegetable.

 I couldn’t lift my hands, I lost my sight and my speech was slurred. I was in hospital for about a month and a half. My mum had to teach me how to write, dress up, apply makeup and even walk because I couldn’t walk anymore. I also couldn’t pass out faeces for a whole month and had to pass urine through a bag. I was helpless and everything was just too much for me to handle. I was discharged from the hospital on the 5th of December 2010 and went back to school in 2011. I couldn’t remember anything I was taught in 100 level 1st semester. My mum suggested I stop school for a year.

But I disagreed and told her I was going to read hard and pass my exams. I was reading every day from 8pm to 5am for 2 weeks, because I resumed school in 2011, 3 weeks to my exams. I'm not sure how I passed those exams.

I had seizures in my 200 level that weren't too serious but when I got to my 300 level, everything came crashing down. I had a seizure that put me in a coma for 2 weeks. While in the coma, though my body wasn’t moving, my mind was active and I saw a lot of creepy things. I could see my sister’s husband in my subconscious state come to the hospital to pray for me.

I was in the school's teaching hospital during this period. Because of how critical I was, an ICU was created for me. I had a friend who would come to see me every day. He would give me a download of what went on in class every single day, morning and night while I was in a coma. Sometimes he would read me a novel. My mum took a video and the day I saw it I cried, because it was like he was talking to a dead person. While in the coma I became a size 12. I was so bloated and my body kept retaining fluid. 10 litres of fluid were removed from my lungs. I couldn’t eat so I had a pipe from my nose down to my throat. I was being fed baby food. My mum kept on praying. I was also praying in my subconscious and the only word that came was Psalms 121. When I came out of the coma I had diplopia i.e. double vision, I could see like 10 images of one person. I also had bed sores and couldn’t walk anymore.

In 2014, in my 400 level first semester I had another seizure in my pastor’s office and was rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, I wasn’t responding and suddenly I just shut down - my heart, my lungs, every single organ shut down. I was declared dead. After 5 minutes, I woke up. Everyone was like, "Blood of Jesus! What’s going on?" I woke up and it was like nothing happened. It seemed like I was just waking up from sleep. I didn’t even know I had a seizure. I was okay. I had another seizure 400 level 2nd semester a day before my exam. Unfortunately, my entire 400 level was wasted. I had to redo the year. First semester, I wrote the exam. I passed and was happy.

I traveled to England during the winter break and went to Saint John’s hospital to see a neurosurgeon. He picked up my left knee and hit it. He then realized I have brisk joint i.e. my knee is quick to jerk at the slightest touch. I was told that there are only 10 people in the world that have my condition called Status Epilepticus (seizure disorder). I was told that my case was the first case in Africa and I would be used as a case study. I did an EEG scan and realised that my brain was really hyperactive too. The doctor was amazed because the only people that have my condition are extremely old people or infants, so they couldn’t understand how it happened. At that point, I had done 15 CT and MRI scans in my life.

When I came back to Nigeria, I couldn’t walk or raise my left leg. I went to the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi and was told I don’t have a ligament in my left knee. The doctor said my ligament was as thin as paper and wondered how I’d been living. It was so painful, I couldn’t move. The Sunday after that day, I went to church. The following day, I woke up and the pain was gone. I went back to Igbobi to do a test and miraculously I had a full healthy ligament.

My promise for the year was Deuteronomy 28:6 - "I’ll be blessed in my going out and coming in." I kept telling God I would graduate this year. I wrote all my exams and passed. A week to my graduation I received a call from the school informing me that I wouldn’t be graduating because I had an F in a zero-unit course. I passed the course but they couldn’t find the result. I told my mum and she told me to pray about it. I went back to school on a Tuesday and on arrival at my department, I had another seizure. I started crying and told my mum that I was tired and I couldn’t take it anymore. I told her graduation or no graduation, I’m done; I didn’t want to go back to school. But my mum encouraged me.

 I got out of the hospital on Thursday. The school found my result on Friday at 9pm, 2 days to my graduation. I graduated in June 2016! I have been told that there is no cure for my condition and I would have to take drugs for 15 years. But I thank God for my life. There were so many times I thought I would die. I wanted to give up. That I made it through university is a testimony. Today, my parents call me Miracle. It is only because of God.


  1. May the good lord grant you a permanent healing in Jesus name

  2. Hmmmn! The God of no impossibility can turn your story around for good, keep trusting him.

  3. Nothing is too hard 4 d "ALL POWERFUL GOD"

  4. Awwww... Jesus the great physician will locate you!

  5. Wow i am speechless, you are so strong

  6. God is still a miracle worker. He will perfect your healing. So touching


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