House help steals boss' two children in Ogun State, turns them to beggars in Lagos

Asmau, a-middle-aged Fulani woman, stole Amina, 6 and Rukayya, 7, in Ogere, Ogun State, from one Hawau with whom she served as a house help for four months, assisting her with some domestic chores while being paid N400 or N500 daily, Vanguard reports.

She was later arrested in the Ikorodu axis of Lagos State while using them as beggars. Narrating how it happened, Hawau, said it all started on the last Muslim festival day, Eid-el Fitr which was held July 6, 2016.

She said she had planned to send the children to Lagos for holiday with their grand parents, a move she discussed with her brother, which prompted her brother to visit her during sallah celebrations.

Hawau said: “My brother came to pick them (Amina and Rukayya) but did not meet us at home on Sallah day because we had gone to the Eid ground to pray. He did not wait for me as he left for Lagos. When my children knew that he had come and gone they started crying.

Asmau used the opportunity and told me she was going to Lagos that day and that she will help me to take them to their grandparents, so, I agreed and asked the children to go with her.

After two days, I found out that the children were not at their grandparents’ house, I called the woman but her number was not connecting. I then reported to the Sarkin Hausawa of Ogere Alhaji Abdullahi Saminaka, who informed the people.

Luckily for me, a woman came to the palace and told the Sarkin that she saw Asmau with my children begging in Lagos state. So, he (Sarkin) sent his men to go and bring them; they're found begging for alms in tattered clothes.

She removed their new sallah clothes and gave it to one woman, who was a food vendor, in exchange for food. The children told us that Asmau used to beat them if they cried or refused to go and beg for alms. She told people, while they went begging for alms that she is their mother.”


  1. Some mothers can take risks ooo, I can't even allow my house made to take my child outside my gate for a stroll talkless of....

  2. The woman is stupid and deserves jail time. This is not even a full time ousemaid, she only used to come occasionally yet she trusted her with two kids. I find it incredible that it took two days for her to discover they weren't at their destination.

  3. The mother was a little too careless and lot more trusting. ThankGod they were found though.

  4. I blame their mother.. Wat if she took them to north? Wat if she sold them.. .. Some women are just plain lazy n stupid...

  5. We all know that what d maid did was absolutely wrong and punishable but then the mother of the kids should have d bigger blame. She should at least make sure she called her Mum in Lagos and inform her that her grandchildren are on their way to Lagos to come n stay with her. Even her Bro that wanted to take d kids, she didn't even call him to inform him. Same day she didn't call them to know if the kids arrived safely till after two days. She need to receive sense


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