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Boom..it is time for the other giveaway we talked about in this POST!

We announced late Friday that we'll be giving out free recharge cards and a little token to appreciate our dear kfbers for always been there through thick and thin.

We gave out the recharge cards (HERE) and now it is time for N15, 000 cash give away for 6 people.

How to win:

1.  First step, tell us your name and email address.

2. Tell us why you love Kemi Filani Blog and what you think makes KFB special from other Nigerian blogs.

3. Tell us what area(s) you would like Kemi Filani Blog to improve on (All suggestions are welcome).

 4. The  six winners will be chosen on every 6th count, that is, 6th commenter, 12th commenter, 18th commenter, 24th commenter and 30th commenter as at 1pm on Monday noon.

5. Comments on this post will not be approved until 1pm tomorrow (Monday).

6. You are only allowed to comment once, multiple comments will not be approved!

7. The winners will be contacted via email by a Kemi Filani Blog admin at 3pm.

Goodluck with the winning family...Kfbers rock!!!

P: S From now on, every 8weeks (two months), our six highest commenters will be always celebrated in a special way :) ...We look forward to October 31, whoop!


  1. Nawa o, nobody want to post abi. We are waitin to b numba 6. MADEA

  2. My name is Bakare Ajoke with email address ajokebaker@gmail.com.
    I love reading kemi filani blog because of the simplicity and content of each post and what makes kemi Fulani blog different from others would be the creativity of the blog and I would want you to improve in giving us breaking news whenever they occur before other blogs carry it by so doing the blog will definitely be the best among the rest.

  3. My name z MADEA. KFB is distinct from other blogs. First of all I love kemi cos she z too cute and petite... and with the content of her blog, I can say she is a Christian. Unlike other blogs, kfb doesnt show nude pixs or posts vulgar content.
    To b the top leading blog, I suggest that kfb do more give away... u know we like money #winks

  4. This one tough o

  5. Maryjaneifunanyaobidike@gmail.com. I love kfb for so many reasons... I love kfb cos of d peace and harmony in the blog.... I love kfb cos the blog had shown me places I have never been to or ever dreamt of going... Kfb took me all through those places as if I'm there in life... I love kfb and wl continue to..

  6. Helo, my name is Funke. Kemi I looooooooove ur blog so much. D evry Saturday churchy and fly haz really helped me to improve on my dressing. Infact I always look forward to the post to help prepare for my sunday look. Keep it up kemi.

    One area where I want Kemifilani to improve on Is the kfb tour. Som of us look forward to this adventure, but u av not been consistent :-(

  7. Kemi, pls let me win oooo. I need d money.:-)

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  9. Bakare Ajoke ajokebaker@gmail.com.
    I love reading your blog if not for anything but for the daily devotion open heavens because it made me realize there is a blog named kemi Filani blog.Also your contemporary news style and your creativity makes your blog different.
    I would like you to improve on these areas but not limited tho
    1) posting breaking news when they occur before other blogs
    2) writing inspirational quotes on your blog everyday
    3) never stop the giveaway.

  10. My name is Kemi
    email: kemmieotex@gmail.com

    I love KFB because i get some stories and news i don't see on any other blog at times i.e KFB interviews and then the Love stories and food recipes. What makes KFB special is it's ability to go extra miles to get uniques stories.

    I'd love KFB to improve on headlines, they are sometimes misleading.

    Thank you.

  11. My name is faith.....
    I comment as miss world on blogs
    I love your blog because I have been part of this blog for God knows how long
    I love your blog because of the current news and all the segment you introduce to blog like kfb church and fly... Morning devotion... Kfb court etc.
    My email address is Misssworld1@gmail.com..

  12. My name is Francisca Samuel. My email address is samuelfrancisca1622@gmail.com. I love Kemi Filani's Blog because of its up-to date,undiluted, unsentimental news & other educative posts. I think what makes KFB special from other Nigerian blogs include its openness and decency of posts, daily upload of Open Heavens with uniqueness of starting the day with devotion, checking on bloggers when they are absent for a while & being correctable. I would like Kemi Filani Blog to improve on the following:
    1. Perfect your "About Me" page.
    2. Conduct survey by asking KFbers what they want to read about once in a while. 3. Endeavor to improve on your writing voice and Endeavor to check typographic error before posting. Thanks, KFb rocks!

  13. 1. Nike Olaniyan- nikeolani@gmail.com

    2. I love this blog because of its simplicity; easy navigation with the help of the drop menu. It's special because of its contents, like the features; KFB court, love story, movie reviews and also no crazy or cursing comments or unnecessary drama among the visitors. (I like drama if it's healthy and makes me laugh). I love the church and fly segment.

    3. I would like you to improve on your content report like paying attention to spellings, (I know no one is above mistake, I do that a lot , blogging no be beans, but you're selling a product to people, and need to package yourself in the way that would attract them). ALWAYS give credit, don't post crime reports together e. g out of 5posts 3 might or would be crime related (I know crimes happen but it's overwhelming sometimes, and you can leave it that way if it boosts your traffic, it just my opinion though) . You might want to lighten it up a little bit.
    Your headline (I understand you might want the readers to be eager to open the post, but sometimes it doesn't seems that way to most people).

    Let me stop here, can't type to long... Lol keep up the good work, We'll celebrate you soonest.

  14. My name is Victoria Emenike
    My email address is emenikevikky@gmail.com
    I love kemi filani's blog because of some of its very unique ways of blogging which is very different from other blogs for example KFB would report a trending issue with a caption like '10 things I learnt from.... '. Churchy and fly is another feature which is very cool.
    Plus the blog design is beautiful and it's very easy to comment in the blog.
    I would love to see improvement on the number of articles published.
    This is just my honest opinion as a KFB fan not necessarily about the giveaway, though winning won't hurt either

  15. Eze Henry
    Jonestly speaking I love KFB because its a blog with a little community but it is making waves in Nigeria blogosphere. What makes it special to me is the daily devotion by pastor E.A Adebayo
    KFB should improve the in area of humour/comedy and posting more chronicles from readers

  16. damilola omotayo,dammy34@yahoo.com
    I love kemi filani blog for I trust she bring us genuine news. most especially, i love the inspiring testimony posts of the blog and the food posts and I always look forward to it and that is what makes it special from other blogs.

  17. Boom!!! Have been waiting for this post since 1914..loool.
    Name;Debola Debayo,Email;debayodebola@gmail.com
    Although I became a kfber I think about 3,4 months ago,and since then,have been stuck and impressed. I visit everyday.
    I love Kemi Filani's blog because she posts exclusive news firsthand. It is special because of the smartness and brilliance of the owner and the fact that she's committed and passionate about her job, plus she cares about we kfbers alike. For now I think this blog is simply awesome so I have no suggestion on ways to improve.
    If Kemi maintains this present level of passion and commitment, she might just overtake the Linda's of this world.

  18. Name - adedayo adeola
    E-mail - adedayoadeola8@gmail.com

    What I love about this blog is uniqueness in his graphics design,up to date news and some entertainment news.

    Areas to work on- try and create platform where singles and those searching for their heart rob can meet.

    Kindly create a platform for nursing mothers so that they can ask questions and and also advice each others.

    You can add campus gist where you will have correspondence in few institutions,they will be supplying you with gists. This would attract the attention of students.

    Kindly create a platform for those seeking for employment through the commenters.

  19. My name is kemi email address: oginingangam.on@gmail.com.
    The reason why I check your blog even if I comment as anonymous is because I find it interesting to read and some news I don't see on other blogs,i always see them here.
    In my point of view I think doing free adverts for visitors at least twice a month is necessary, you could just create a post or better still send whatever adverts to your mail and then you post. Also if you have any post on job opportunities for blog visitors, I think you should kindly post as well. Thanks

  20. Goodmorn kemi, it z madea again. I hope I win this.

  21. Goodmorn kemi. My name z Gloria. My email address wil b sent to u privately.
    1.I love kfb bcos it z an all information blog. It z the first blog I will see that covers God,love,marriage,fashion,tour,health,testimonies evn politics. Kudos to d kfb crew
    2.I want kfb improve more on d kfbtour. If it cant work den I tink it shld b scrapped.

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. My email is lmimi1934@gmail.com

  24. thats so thoughtful of u....thumpsup

  25. I am Bakare Ajoke with email address ajokebaker@gmail.com I love reading your blog because of the daily devotional open heavens and also because of the creativity attached to your blogging which most nigerian blogs lacks. I would like you to improve on giving us news when it comes by so doing your blog will be the the first to carry the news before others and also post as much news as possible everyday

  26. i am yemisi with email address yemisimautin@gmail.com. i love reading your blog because it's easy to access and the style of news with lovely content with differentiate your blogs from others. There is always room for improvement because i believe the best is yet to come for you. Improve by giving us more posts, more quotes on inspiration and pls continue the giveaway. Your's sincerely yemisi

  27. My name is Falilat email falilat91@gmail.com.Hmmmmm, i love reading your blog because you acknowledge your creator, you are a lover of God indeed and it shows in your blog. Also, your articles are compelling with up to date news. you are always consistent which is good from other blogs. I would suggest that you should be more consistent in posting articles and also celebrate your readers once in a while probably posting pictures on your blog on our birthdays by that you attract more readers. Thanks

  28. goodluck to the winners.

  29. Enter your comment...the

  30. Oladosu faith. I visit this blog bt i nevver comment.like the blog cus u keep it real.and you try to relate with your blog visitors therefore making them feel welcomed. Improve in getting images and how u arrange them on d blog.

  31. Olubunmi Adesogbon
    I luv KFB cos of the areas it do covers such as Fashion and the Love aspect which is what make it special from other blogs
    I will like you to improve on ur update abt Linda Ikeji cos to me it doesn't sounds well, you are unique on your own.

  32. Goodluck to the winners.....if I can be part of them,i go seriously happy

  33. My name is Akinbo.A.J,and my email is adeolajustina@gmail.com.
    What I love most about kfblog is her simplicity,accuracy and consistency. Her breaking news and exclusives are the bomb.
    I want you to interact more with your bvs and keep up being real.

  34. My name is kemi and my email is oginingangam.on@gmail.com.. I comment as anonymous and the reason why your blog is different from other blogs is because I get to see news that other blogs don't have, and it's always well detailed. The area where I feel should be improved is I think you should get to do free adverts for blog visitors or better still you can create a post for free advertising, also you should please get to create job opportunities for blog visitors here, maybe if you see or have a job opportunity for someone you can post it. Thanks

  35. Hi Kemi
    My name is Ima Essien
    Email: imaessien@rocketmail.com
    I love Kemi Filani blog because I feel it makes extra effort to bring other news I haven't seen elsewhere and I love it's unique contents too. I also love that it tries to have a human face with its readers.
    I think it can improve more by trying to connect more with its readers, I also feel it should add more random content like games, competitions etc.
    Lastly I just want to say I love this blog

  36. Good points 🖕🏼... Congrats to the winners.

  37. Joy Enweremadu
    The blog gives fresh news not seen in other sites and there is no copy and paste from other site rather other bloggers copy from here.Also the testimony aspect lifts my spirit so much including the daily devotional.
    An improvement on the part of empowerment of the less privileged bvs, which could be a collective from other well to do bvs.
    Lastly can,t stay in a day without coming to this site.
    More grease to your elbow.

  38. Thank you kemi for the giveaway. have received alert. God bless you.


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