Gospel Singer Israel Houghton gets engaged to new lover, Adrienne Bailon, just a few months after divorcing his wife of 20 years...

In February top Gospel singer and pastor at Lakewood church Israel Houghton of Israel & The New Breed, announced he and his wife of 20 years Meleasa were divorcing after he had cheated on her.

He went public with his relationship with 32 year old singer & co host on The Real – Adrienne Bailon just a month after.

When people dragged her for being a homewrecker, 45 year old Houghton took to his facebook page to defend her and set a couple of rumours straight.
 Israel's Caption: Breakfast in paradise... With this beauty... My heart is full... My God is Good.Adrienne's Caption: I promise you peace, despite the tumultuous torrents you've endured, I promise you peace, and I promise it soon. Those who, with temperance, with grace, face the strong winds blowing against their faces, are those who appreciate the sweetness when the breeze finally finds its way to their backs.
Well the couple aren’t letting all the drama surrounding their relationship hold them back…yesterday Bailon and Houghton took their love a step further to marriage by getting engaged in Paris.
 Israel's Caption: One day it just clicks.... You realize what and who is important and what and who isn't. You learn to care less about what other people think of you and more about what you think of yourself. You realize that you're better off with 5 true friends and loved ones who love you no matter what- than to have 500 friends who only love you when you/ your gift make them or their brand look good. You see just how far you've come and you remember when you thought things were such a mess that they'd never recover. And then you smile... You smile because God is so good and faithful in His unflinching love - you smile because you are truly proud of yourself, and the person you fought hard to become. You smile because you have 5 people who helped you in that fight; and are still standing, or sitting... In Greece. In Peace.P A R I S 🍦🇫🇷 The love of my life gave me the sweetest surprise EVER yesterday morning when we landed in Paris... MY PARENTS!!! It's there wedding anniversary so, he flew them here to celebrate! Ahhh still in SHOCK... My heart is so full it could BURST! ❤️ Watch our Family Parisian adventures! 👻 RealAdrienneB
She showed off photos of her gorgeous diamond ring in front of the Eiffel Tower with the caption, “You. Me. Oui.”
Israel Houghton and Adrienne Bailon Europe Vacation_7Israel Houghton and Adrienne Bailon Europe Vacation_proposal_ring

About their engagement Houghton had this to say,

I have seen and felt the essence of Gods grace through the life, the kindness and the courage of this woman.
I’ve seen her attacked, lied about, wrongfully accused, mocked, laughed at, and misunderstood. But, I’ve also seen the shining example of the eagle she is that rises above the cacophony of the noise of ignorants- I’m learning from her example. She loves Jesus. She loves her family. She loves people. Even the ones that don’t love her back. I pray God give me that same grace in my life. I’ve taken a giant leap of faith in asking her to share life with me forever and to give me a shot at getting it right this time… She has graciously granted my request… She said yes. Thanks Be To God. Thank you @adriennebailon for graciously loving me.


  1. I dont even know whether to condemn this man or just keep quiet. God knows those who are truly serving him.

  2. congratulations to them, fine couple

  3. May the lord have mercy on Isreal and on us all. How are the mighty fallen, smh

  4. Result of broken home.He could have been aborted.

  5. Result of broken home.He could have been aborted.

  6. sigh....dunno why people do the wrong thing and still mention God and Jesus in the same breathe....smh

    1. My dear. It also bothers me. Commiting sin and still mentioning God. God is truly merciful

  7. This is really serious


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