Game time! Let's see how well you can answer these riddles

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It has been a busy day...let's chill with these riddles and have some fun guys :)
Our dearest Miss World was our genius for yesterday's riddles...go girl!!!!!

1.  You have $10, 000, 000 dollars but you can only buy things that start with the either the first letter or last letter of your name. What things will you buy?

2. In these present Nigerian times, if you are given the opportunity to have a super power, which power would you like to have and why?





Let the answers roll in.....whoop!


  1. *shines teeth*
    Let me book space and read comments.
    *grabs fresh roasted corn*
    *adjust concave lens*

    1. Olodo. The only thing you know how to do is to shine teeth. Yeye girl

  2. 1. My name is Blessing.
    Buy a Bentley
    Build a bungalow
    Build a business empire
    gold (my last name letter is g)

    2. The power to freeze time and Mae it work for my advantage abeg

    3. Robert of course


    5. The egg yoke is white

    6. Fake products

  3. I need to think very well about 1&2... Lol
    3. No one is lying, because the three doctors are Robert's sisters.
    4. She was busy taking his pic and developing it.
    5. Egg yolk is yellow, so neither is correct.
    6. Coffin

    1. egg yolk is yellow? It is white

  4. 1.My name is faith.. So I will buy food.
    2 . the power to slap anyone who annoys me lol
    3.the doctors are lying cuz d doctors are female and they are Robert sisters. So Robert has no brothers.
    Not going to answer d rest if u need the answer email me...
    The genius has spoken Lmao

  5. 1.House
    2.Power to turn back time..to be a baby again
    4.she bathed him

  6. Adebola
    1. Buy an Airplane house.. Lool
    buy an Aston martin/Audi car
    2. Power to heal all the ill people in the world cos I hate people falling sick. Plus power to expose and disgrace all the corrupt politicians in Nigeria cos they are wicked.
    3. Robert
    4. No idea..lool
    5. The egg yolk is white
    6. No idea

  7. I will buy a House. My name Is Hadiza. Power to read peoples mind. 3. All the doctors are female so no one is lying. 4. I will come back to answer it 5. The egg yolk is white nah. 6. I don't know o

  8. My name starts with O, what would i buy? Lol

  9. @ Sweetheart, buy oil depots or oil Wels. Will add to ur wealth. I got to know the answers thru those who have said them.

  10. @Anonymous 26 August 2016 at 21:35, LOL. *shines teeth*


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