Final year student celebrating completion of exams dies in mysterious circumstances (photo)

This young student died while celebrating
This is so sad. It was meant to be a celebration of a great achievement but it ended up a calamitous tragedy following the death of a student of the Imo State University, who allegedly fell into a soak away pit and drowned while trying to escape from his friends who were bent on pouring dirty water on him as part of the fun.
According an eyewitness and a student of the institution, Chris Darlington Ifesi, the young man was just happy that he has become a fresh graduate and as the norm with most students, his friends decided to do something naughty by getting water from a gutter and bathing him with it but the prank turned horrific as the fresh graduate lost his life in the process.

This is how Ifesi captured the incident on his Facebook wall:

"Tragedy struck yesterday as a fresh graduate of the Imo State University, took his last breathe as students poured him water in jubilation of final year completion.

What seem to be jubilation turned into a gathering of sorrow when the victim was running away from a number of students who pursued after him to pour dirty water on him.

In that quest to dodge the water being poured on him, he fell into a soak away pit and got drowned. The dirty water from the pit, however, is partially passing a light current as the pit is dug beside their transformer where earth-wire is buried.""Pouring of water has been banned in schools but some students would not obey this. Many students in this light unaccepted celebration of final papers have been injured, poured acid and some other dangerous liquids while some other persons have gone to the great beyond via this.

I think every final year student should learn from this as well as those who dedicate them to pouring water on university finalists."


  1. This is tragic! May God comforts his friends and families. Rest is peace.

  2. This is sad. Why chasing someone with water just becuase he graduated from school. Well...RIP to the lost soul.

  3. This rubbish should be stopped in Universities. Imagine, the poor boy died just when his life was about to begin! Rip!


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