Family of 3 caught stealing pot of Ogbono soup in Abuja

This present economic state of the country is getting worse by the day and making people do the unthinkable.

It was a show of shame as a man and his two children were nabbed after they allegedly stole a pot of 'Ogbono' soup which one of their neighbours was cooking in the Mpapae area of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident which happened along Mashafa road in the area, threw everyone in shock after the owner of the stolen soup identified only as Femi, was stunned to find out that the steaming pot of soup he had left on the fire had gone missing after he stepped into his house to get some salt.

He decided to go round some of his neighbour's apartments to see if anyone of them had seen who took his soup, only to find the man and his children eating the Ogbobo soup.

Narrating what he saw, Femi said he was too stunned to say a word at first but watched as the family ate the soup with 'fufu'they must have brought along with them.

“I was cooking in the compound and went into the room to get salt; that was when they took the pot of soup and before I could ask, they were already eating the soup with their akpu.

I was even touched after the father apologised, saying they were hungry and had nothing to eat."

"I had no choice than to leave them with it, but they should not have taken everything. The thing pained me seriously because I am also managing and had to look for the money for that soup and they just took everything.

I only told them to return the pot after they had helped themselves with its content."


  1. Kemi, I really love ur blog but this ur title is misleading. Didn't read any part that says they were disgraced. This story really broke my heart n almost brought me to tears.
    Thank you Lord for my many blessings

  2. Ehya. But the picture of the ogbono soup up there got me. Now am craving for it but na money kill am

  3. Oh Lord! Ah, people are suffering.

  4. That picture up there's got me salivating. Choi!


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