Another victim exposes another instagram fraudster/Online store, La'femme Beauty Home (Photo evidence)

Yesterday, we published the disappointing News from a KFBer, exposing the Instagram fraudster and online store, Azharas Boutique (HERE). In the post, we also published claims from a few other victims that have been scammed by the Online store.
Another KFBer has now opened up and this time the Instagram fraudster is La'femme Beauty Home.


This is the message I got from the KFBer.

 "Sis, good morning, please keep  me anonymous...I am also a victim of those who sell online and I want you to post it so others won't fall victim of such. I  reached out to La Femme Beauty Shop last year August to order for beauty products to get some stretchmarks off my skin...and  I ordered for H Bella set which goes for N30, 000, Shaping cream which goes N15, 000, Franch N8, 000, Dark spot & knuckles N10, 000, totaling N63, 000."

Screen grabbed chat Part one

Screen grabbed chat Part two
"The rep insisted on payment before delivery and after I made payment, she called that she has seen it and that she will deliver them to me. She later called to say she couldn't make it anymore because she had to take her sister to the Airport, blah blah and then all of sudden, her story changed to "I am now out of the country"...and I am like okay, please refund my money since you can't make the delivery and that's when wahala started "


"My sister, na so them block me oo, after paying N63, 000. I tried logging in to Instagram with another person's IG account and disguised that I wanted to buy their products and they were ready to fool me again until I burst their bubble and sent them all our previous chats with them that they once scammed me, and the next thing, they blocked me off again.
After the victim got blocked

We went back and forth on the issue for days, weeks, months and i got fed up...so i kept quiet.

It happened August 21, 2015.  I had the courage to share it now cos of the post you did (HERE) yesterday.  Surprisingly the page now has over 96, 000 followers and it is always blocking anyone that comments on it's post to lodge any complaints.

Guys, spread the word and be careful when you shop online...that is why it is always advisable to pay on delivery even when you have to order stuffs online!


  1. Thank u, KFB for being a platform to sensitize the fans here of those who seem wiser than the rest of us

  2. Nawah dnt knw y sum pple jst derive joy in duping people

  3. If you must shop online then please pay on delivery

  4. See what unemployment has done! Instead of thinking on how to be self employed, they resort to fraud, armed roberry & kidnaping.

  5. there is an account number, it is so easy, report with the account detail, within 3 days , they wil be arrested.
    Also , how do we report it as scam to instagram? please someone should help

  6. This is the new fraud strategy in town ooooooo. My people I beggi shine your eyes well well oooo.

  7. This is serious, thanks for sharing!

  8. This is serious, thanks for sharing!

  9. She can report the name and the account now.

  10. This story is definitely false, lafeeme has reps who are the ones transacting business for her. Those reps after forming a clique and going around spoiling her products to her customers just because they where selling same products cheaper which were not working on people, they started spoiling her business and collecting monies from unsuspecting individuals whilst using her name. Have bought severally from lafemme and her products work, I don't see why anyone will come and make such lies and this blog will carry it without investigating. Posting stories without proper confirmation is bad journalism.


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