Actor Kunle Afod’s wife, Desola exchanges words with hubby’s ‘admirer’

A few weeks ago, we shared photos of actor Kunle Afod's wife, Desola and kids (HERE).
Desola loves her hubby so much so that she is always flaunting him on her instagram page with the most beautiful captions!

Captions like "My love for you is immeasurable...I love him so much, that is why I show him off, he loves me like kilode..." 
 Reputed to post everything about her home, family and husband, Desola must have been on the bad books of some Instagram followers who are her husband’s fans and followers.
Desola with kids and Faithia Balogun
Kunle Afod
As a matter of fact, a certain Instagram account @abuk234 is so not impressed!
Today, the abuk234 posted on Desola’s wall, “Celeb wife, your husband is of high profile and a well respected man in the industry than all this your mumu stuff you post. Check other celeb wife, they respect their hubby. Na only you be celeb wife? But babe you go school now.....Respect your home. There is this girl Kunle is dating and she is ready to push you out of his life sincerely, and very soon, u will know, and who no know go hear. O Ma loud Gan!!!(sic)
And Desola promptly replied:
“You don’t have to create a fake account to do this. Sure, you will be six feet down to ever date him...Just because I have been calm, you should be bold enough …let’s see!He actually knew you were learned and you speak good English..bring it on and be bold. The loud you will ever receive is ‘ariwo eku’ in your life... bad people with bad intentions… awon oloshi dede. Wrath of God will befall you and your entire life. Mad goat.” (sic)


  1. Some fans are pain in the a*se, Celeb wife... Lol take it easy. But truth be told, there are some things the lady posted that shouldn't be on her page at all... But what is my own🤐

  2. its amazing aw sum pple use panadol for sum1 else's headache,for cryin out loud its her life,her family,her home in short her biz so whose concern is it if she celebrate her hubby on social media........we all cnt be d same,d fact that sum celeb wife isnt doin it doesnt mean she shudnt n dats y its different strokes for different folks

  3. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...seems like something has been cooking underground

  4. Naija girls once a man is married runnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

  5. Whatever rocks your boat!
    Who cares? *side eye*

  6. Celeb wife toh razz


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