A Lady rejected this man because he couldn't buy her a bottle of Beer, today he owns a Brewery

Billionaire Dr. Martin Aliker recently sent his audience laughing after recounting how rejection from a girl back when he was a university student because he could not afford to buy her beer, was the birth of his dream to one day own a brewery - where he could produce as much beer as possible.

Today, he's one of the richest men in Uganda and owns shares in East African Breweries. He was giving a speech during the recent celebrations of Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) turning 70, when he recounted the interesting story...

It was back in late 1940s when taking beer had just become an in-thing. He approached a beautiful girl in a club, but the lady would only have time for him if he could buy her a bottle of beer.

“I was at Makerere and those days there was only one night club, near Clock Tower. I approached this girl and she actually wanted to dance with me. The condition was that I buy a beer. Back then a beer was only one shilling, but I couldn’t afford it,” the billionaire said as quoted by Matooke Republic.
Speaking during the celebrations held at Sheraton Kampala Hotel, Aliker said that that disappointing experience roused a will in him to work his way up and one day own a brewery.

“She rejected me because I couldn’t afford a beer but now I have a brewery. That night was my inspiration to be part of a brewery business. I vowed that one day I had to be involved in making beer,” the business mogul told the amused crowd.

Dr. Aliker also owns shares in other companies including Nation Media Group, National Insurance Corporation, Uganda Clays and Stanbic Bank, and has sat in over 40 boards of companies.

He eventually got married to a good lady he met in the US when he was a student, and persuaded her to come to Uganda with him.


  1. Could that be what made him start brewery business....nice move

  2. You know, ladies - real and coolheaded ladies - have a way of looking beyond the present and seeing someone's (a man's) future. Seriously, it's like magic. Sometimes, women exhibit some traits that are quite metaphysical. Do whatever to them, ayama! They'd stick around. They've already seen a future so bright that they can't afford to miss out. But the mumu ones; the all-for-the-money ones; the karashikas; the witches & bitches; ndi oso chi egbu? Abia! Small thing, they don fly go meet richer guys! Only to come begging when it dawns on them that the stone they rejected had become the cornerstone.

    "Blessed are those (ladies) who suffer persecution (stick with their men when they are broke), for theirs is the Kingdom of God (theirs is the man's wealth when he hammers)" - I don forget the Bible quotation.

    Patience! Patience, my dear. Patience!
    Nobody wey no fit to make am.
    The different/distance between the rich and the poor is a thin line. It's so slim! And all it takes is...TIME.

    1. Preach it! @anonymous 08.29, Hope they listen.


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