"What My Mum Did & What She Told Me A Night Before Her Death"- Daughter of Murdered RCCG Evangelist

First daughter of the woman who was murdered while preaching at Kubwa, Abuja, Mrs Eunice Olawale, Jessica, said her mum asked her to love her siblings and take care of them night before her death.

She also said her only consolation was that her late mum was in heaven.

The 15-year-old girl, speaking with the Nigerian Tribune on Monday, said “the evening before she was killed, she woke me up to follow her somewhere, When we got to a junction, she paid a shopkeeper who she was owing.

“When we were returning home, she asked me if I noticed the love between her and her siblings, she then asked me to love my siblings as well and bring them together. She said I am supposed to love them and be their mother.”

“The last thing she told me before she died was ‘good night dear’.”

A condolence message by Jessica read: “Mummy, I can’t still believe you are gone. I love you so much. I will try to be very strong for daddy, ok.

“I will take care of my younger ones like you wanted me to do. Oh! How I miss you. You were so beautiful in all, suffering and pain. I miss you, come back to us.”

The second child, Michael, said her mother was the strongest woman he ever knew.

“If we don’t have food to eat and we ask her what we will eat, she will say God will provide. She encourages my daddy, during the last year convention, she paid the transportation fee for a number of people while we have not known how we will go,” he said.

Nigerian Tribune gathered that about 123 condolence messages had been written in the register, including the message from the wife of the Vice-President, Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo.

Meanwhile, the husband of the deceased, Pastor Elisha Olawale, has said he will not file any charges against the perpetrators of the act if arrested, but will, instead, want them to repent.

Pastor Olawale further described her late wife, Eunice, as everything he had, adding that he would miss her absence.

Speaking with the Nigerian Tribune on Monday, the husband of the deceased noted that he and his wife had been very open to each other, even on their individual financial stand.

According to him, “as a pastor, we have been called to the ministry of reconciliation. If they arrest them (perpetrators), killing them won’t help, we are just helping the devil more.

“What I will suggest is that if they should preach to them, they should accept Christ, heaven has more gain, as long as my wife has gone to heaven, if they accept Christ, that will be myjoy.”

He further said “I will miss everything about my wife, she is my mother and my sister. Before she died, she knew what I have in my account and I knew what she had in her account. We have been open to each other. She is almost all we have.”


  1. That is it! The first usual reaction of African Christians in this kind of situation is "The dead has gone to heaven so let the killers repent".

    Other times, we accuse God of permitting such acts. It's particularly annoying because it is difficult to believe that the same loving God who rescued Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego from a burning furnance would permit His evangelists to be killed in such a slow and painful fashion.

    I still wonder what the bible was telling Christians in Matthew 11:12 when it said-------From the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God has been suffering violence and only the violent can take it by FORCE.

    What the late woman told the told is just normal and it doesn't suggest that she had any premonition of death.

  2. If it was not yet time for her to go, God would have risen for her defence. Her brother was said to have had a dream abt a woman beheaded.He fasted but seal had already BN placed on d deed. I believe it was for a purpose.May b if she had not died preaching,she would have died by other means. To die at d age she died. God , have mercy

    1. I think the major problem is Africans practice Christianity without applying wisdom. In fact, personal wisdom is foolishness to them.

      In Matthew 10:22 the bible advised Christians to flee from any area where they are attacked or not received.

      But no! An African will enter the battlefield where bullets are visibly flying. When the person dies, they will start saying it is the will of God and that they are happy the person has gone to heaven.

      The other day, some people got themselves heavily drunk knowing that they will drive. Eventually the inevitable happened and all of them died in a ghastly head-on collision. Some people still said God knows why He allowed it to happen.

      I think sometimes we blame or accuse God wrongly because He can't be the author of evil.

  3. What the late woman said is just normal and it doesn't suggest that she had any premonition of death.

  4. May God grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss.

    May the perpetrators be brought to book.



  6. God be with them. Where would he begin with seven little children??? God have mercy!


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