'Timi Dakolo is a thief, he capitalized on my ill health to steal my song', "Send Down the Rain"-Majek Fashek

Timi, in 2013, had done a remix of the song but Fashek said Timi never took permission from him. The veteran artiste claimed  that Timi Dakolo capitalised on his state of health and remade his song without taking permission from him, added that he also broke some rules..

He broke the rules of copyright. He is a thief because in music business, he must take permission before he works on someone’s song. That is why we have COSON. I did not give anyone the right to do anything with my song. I have a management team I work with headed by Omenka Uzoma.

Dakolo never bothered to look for me before stealing my song. He has infringed on the laws of copyright and he is not an original artiste. It is only people like Tuface, Wizkid, Olamide that are original. I felt bad when I learnt that he worked on my song without my consent. .

He did not even give me credit. He is a very bad artiste and he took advantage of the circumstance that I was facing during that time. The song is not a normal song; it is a spiritual hit song. Timi Dakolo does not know how I suffered to get that song. I fasted for seven days before I got that song. .

I partook in three days ‘white’ fasting before the song came to me. Timi Dakolo did not go through that. I did not fight him because I do not have time. Let God judge us.
” Punch reports.

Fashek’s music business consultant, Omenka Uzoma, said they would soon begin to fish out all those who have been exploiting him.

When contacted to get his side of the story, Punchng reports that Timi Dakolo was quick to cut short the conversation and rudely ended the call..


  1. This mentally deranged man again.

  2. Mheen this is serious o, stealing of songs every where.

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  4. If it's true, Timi is wrong...He should have consulted his team... Not only in music industry it's a crime to that, it's applicable in all profession. Give credit, take proper channel if you want to use someone else work.

  5. Timi my man...at least give the man some credits...hian


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