This Mum abandoned her 3 kids in a deserted home and moved in with new lover

A 41-year-old, yet-to-named woman from Siyabuswa A in Mpumalanga, recently returned home with her new lover, packed her things and walked away from her three children. According to South Africa’s Daily Sun, her children aged 11, 7 and 5, were left to look after themselves.  They had no food and had no warm clothing. At night, they slept hugging each other just to fight against the biting cold. And this went on for about two months. Weeks after their mum left and never checked back on them, a concerned neighbour Gogo Ellie Skosana, who sees the children wandering and begging for food, took them in.

Each time I asked why their mum had not cooked for them, they simply said she was away,” the 62-year-old Skosana told the press, adding, I assumed she was out looking for work, but later I realised I had not seen her in her yard for about two months.”
“So I questioned the kids further.
According to Skosana, here’s what the eldest child said:
The 11-year-old child said his mum came with her new lover and took most of her things a long time ago and hadn’t returned since.
He said his mum already had a newborn baby with her lover and believed that was why she abandoned them.”
Upset by this, and the fact that the children do not go to school and had no clinic card, prompted her to take action.
She said:
These kids have not attended school since last June. They don’t even have clinic cards or birth certificates. I am not related to them, but I could not sit back and watch them suffer like this.
“So I took them in.
To confirm the children’s story, Daily Sun tracked down their mum, and her excuse for leaving her children to survive on their own is mind-boggling: she said she had nothing to offer them, hence resorting to abandoning them.
I can’t even look for a job because my ID vanished last year,” she said.
Meanwhile it is unclear if legal actions will be taken against her, the country’s Social development spokesman Ronnie Masilela said: “A social worker will visit the kids and do an assessment to determine what steps should be taken.”


  1. *jaw dropping* Are you kidding me?

  2. see the ugly woman sef

  3. the funny part is that the yeye guy she left the kids for will end up dumping her

  4. For real? Don't worry you abandoned your future and that new lover would teach you lessons of your life.


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