Thinking Outside the Box! NYSC member invents machine that teaches people how to drive but some Nigerians are not impressed...(Photos)

Yesterday, at the NYSC Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Programme held in Lagos, an unnamed corps member was recognised for building a driving simulator from scratch.

The official handle of the NYSC described the corps member as a ‘genius’, and this has kicked off a new conversation on social media on whether the graduate’s fabrication is actually a work of genius.
Driving simulators, used for entertainment, are also used in most driving workshop programmes, to teach driving and also, to observe the behaviours and performance of potential road users. Also, this page adds that the invention had been adopted by the car industry to “evaluate new vehicles or new advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).”
And so, while this work by the Nigerian graduate who showed off his fabrication yesterday is impressive, the design of a driving simulator isn’t very note-worthy because they are regular fixtures in arcades.

Instagram user seasurferr had this to say: “What exactly did he build? A simulator? Does it teach u how to drive like on Nigerian roads? Yeah it looks like an arcade {sic} so he needs to say what he build so it can be appreciated more.” And another user Opeyemi Franklin, noted, “Anyone who has gone to an arcade won’t be so much marvelled. Well he tried, for a Nigerian. But I used the stuff/game when I was 7 and now, I’m now in my mid 20’s. But again, he tried. For a Nigerian.”
It is a good thing the corps member did, because while his mates are intent on seeking out bank or oil company jobs, he dared to be creative. His attempt has created an opportunity for the modifications of an old invention.
Often we read about Nigerian students who have dared to create. While some were ignored, some were given a few minutes shine on social media, before they slunk into oblivion with no encouragement given to the hungry mind intent on creating. In a few years, the works are left behind, and Nigerians continue to consume, massively, already-made products imported into the country daily.
For the 2016 NYSC members who showed off their works yesterday, they had opportunities to meet with Waheed Olagunju, the Acting Manager of the Bank of Industry. According to Daily Trust:

“The Bank of Industry (BoI), says it has disbursed N426.7 million to 253 members National Youth Service Corps under its Graduate Entrepreneurship Fund (GEF) programme.”
Perhaps now, more graduates will be encouraged to create something new, or improve on old inventions that would solve a typical Nigerian problem.


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  2. Good job to him... Some people with their stupid mentality... Mscheww


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